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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DJSnow, Jan 3, 2001.

  1. DJSnow

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    As a relatively new member of the snowplowing business, I would like to know opinions about the use of snow deflectors. I just bought an eight foot Boss straight blade and the deflector is an option. Is it necessary?

    PINEISLAND1 Veteran
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    They are really worth it in my opinion, but it may not be necessary on some types of jobs. If you do all residential, then you probably wouldn't appreciate one as much as someone who does half mile long runs on private roads.

    If money isn't a huge factor then have it put on when new. Lots of guys make their own after the fact, and that will get you out of the deal a little cheaper.
  3. SlimJim Z71

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    I don't have one on my plow right now, but I'm seriously thinking of getting one. They help keep the snow off of your windshield when plowing long runs or hitting piles. Like PINEISLAND1 said, if you do mostly residential accounts, then you can probably get by without one.

  4. John DiMartino

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    I think they help,especially on long,high speed passes,if you dont have one,the snow blows right on the windsheild,and packes up under your wipers,then turns to ice if you dont get out right away and clean it off.
  5. iowastorm

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    We have deflectors and all of our blades; striaght and v. I highly recommend them for the reasons that they keep snow/ice from blowing on your windshield and also because they help push the snow forward, rather than over the plow or as much off to the sides. If you have alot of plowing to do, volume and efficiency is everyting. One note: don't buy a deflector from the dealer, because they're overpriced (i.e. $200 for a Boss deflector). Just go to your local rubber belting manufacturer or distributor and purchase the footage you need out of their remanents. We use a 3/8" thick ply about 8" to 12" wide depending upon the size of the plow. Good luck.
  6. GeoffD

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    12" of rubber on every plow.

  7. 4 Saisons

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    We went to steel workshop and asked them a to curved it and ply a 90 degre flat to bolt on plow. plow raise 12".

    Cost above 75 plus paint and bolt. Use with the 24" wing on 8' Fisher. Great pushing
  8. cutntrim

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    I just ordered some conveyor belt from QBM in Fort Erie. They'll ship it to Hamilton for free. They're cutting four 10"x12"x1" pieces for our plow wings on the Meyers, and three long strips for snowfoils on the Meyers and the two Snoways. 8'x8"x1" for the Meyers and two 7 1/2'x8"x1" for the Snoways. $5.00x4 for the wing pieces, $20.00 for the 8', and $15.00x2 for the 7 1/2's. Our local Meyers shop will cut some iron and bolt them on the blades for us. It'd be nice to have 'em for tonight, but we should have 'em on early next week.
  9. RB

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    Does anyone prefer thos stiff plastic deflectors, like the sell at Mill Supply for about $80.00?

    Did anyone ever have one of these that broke when the plow tripped?
  10. SlimJim Z71

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    Now that you mention it... the deflector that SnoWay makes for my plow is riged plastic. Yeah, I would kind of think that could get broken pretty easily if the blade went into a full trip.

  11. Mark Oomkes

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    The hard plastic are OK because they don't fly up and block the headlights, but other than that I don't have a preference. They have not broken while tripping, but they do crack after a couple years. Maybe this wouldn't happen with a trip-edge but they do with Boss V's.
  12. CHC

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    We went to a local excavator and picked up some surplus conveyor belt pieces. No cost; they were glad to see it go. Some angle iron & bolts; unit are still on plows: 4-5years
  13. John Allin

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    Conveyor belt works great.
    However, on our vee plows we by a kit in for them.
  14. kutnkru

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    We use sno foils on our fisher's similar to 4 saisons and they have definitely reduced the amount of snow and iceberging on our trucks.

    they are also great for windrowing.
  15. plowguy06

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    here in ohio, almost every truck that i have seen has had a deflector. does anyone know about those "plow wings?" I have seen tham but dont know really what they are
  16. John Allin

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    Lots of info on this forum on snow wings. Do a search for "snow wings", "pro wings" or "sno wings". You'll get lots of feedback.

    PS - they are worth the expense in increased productivity.
  17. plowguy06

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    where can I search things in this site?
  18. John Allin

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    Top of this page... upper right corner... click on "search" and go from there.
  19. Alan

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    The plastic deflector on Sno-Way works good with the exception that it will hold a HUGE pile of snow on top of it when you're stacking. That makes the plow lift slower from all the extra weight. And then when you back out for another pass that whole mess drops off behind the plow when you drop for your blade and you have another spot to clean up. I took ours off and replaced it with a rubber flap. Works as well and doesn't carry snow back into the plowed area.