Snow cover in Vermont

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I had to travel from Burlingotn to White River Junction this afternoon. The trip down I-89 goes over the spine of the Green Mountains, at one point slightly above 2700' ASL. On the way home I noticed this ridge in the snow cover, parallel to the road, and finally it dawned on me that it was the fence along the right-of-way. That fence is 4' woven wire with a single strand of barbed wire above that. The posts stick up slightly above the top wire, so probably close to 5' to the top of the posts. Out in the open, where the wind and sun had settled the snow a bit more you could see the post tops and, in places, the barbed wire strand. But in the trees, where it was more sheltered, there was nothing but that little bump in the snow. Kinda like a moles run in turf, definately different. That adds up to in excess of four feet of snow cover on the ground as of April 2. Yup,, we sure don't get winters like we used to.

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So, where'is the turf, after too much snow events, now springs seasons will begin only in one month, hoping for late april. Usually we began this week on clean up. And the worst, summer contract renewal are very slow. With an average of more than 3' on the ground and big snow piles on the lawn, look likes is still february. Ski condition are better than ever but they will close sooner, people prefer to stay home and depress in the couch.

Sherbrooke is under the "l" of montreal, close to the border.

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"where's the Turf" ... LOL (those of you who remember the "where's the beef" commercials may see why I think this is funny. Those who don't will probably think I'm a head case.)

I think 4saisons made a joke!!!


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