Snow Contracts ??

Aspen Snow

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Vernon, NJ
Ours went out a while ago, and they have been coming back really slow. We are sending out our November newsletter soon and in it, it will remind the customers that contract need to be back by the 15th of Nov. to be scheduled on the route sheets.

Snow Pro

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Aspen Snow - That's a great idea. Can I get some old editions of your newsletters? I've been thinking of doing one myself. I like to have my secretary call to follow up. She is tactful and has a good relationship with the customers. Also it keeps the lines of communication open. Any chance we get to do that works to our advantage.

Our responses are slow too, probably because of the warm weather.

Snow Pro

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Ron -

Thanx! I'm looking forward to reading it.

John -

Do you know of anyone else who prints a newsletter?