• SnowCare For Troops Expands To Include Healthcare Workers
    Project EverGreen expands its SnowCare for Troops program to help healthcare professionals. Volunteers from the snow and landscape industries can provide snow and ice removal services to nominated healthcare heroes. Click here to read more.


SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
Hi... my name is Tim. I'm addicted to this forum. It all started a few weeks ago. Now I find myself checking postings several times a day. Oops... gotta go. The wife is coming! LOL


(Just tryin to lighten things up... no snow here in IL)

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John DiMartino

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Tim,94 posts in under a month?Id say your past addiction.LOL.My wife gets al little upset to,since im on here at least once-sometimes 2 times a day.


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Somerset, NJ
Wife!?!... Oh yea, I have one of those too. That must be the chick walking around the house with the scowl on her face & the smoke coming out of her ears. I'd better say hello when I sign off ;) She'll get over it when she sees the white greenbacks coming in. Mother Nature better cooperate soon or I'm in real trouble.
Think snow.