SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Hi... my name is Tim. I'm addicted to this forum. It all started a few weeks ago. Now I find myself checking postings several times a day. Oops... gotta go. The wife is coming! LOL


(Just tryin to lighten things up... no snow here in IL)

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John DiMartino Veteran
Tim,94 posts in under a month?Id say your past addiction.LOL.My wife gets al little upset to,since im on here at least once-sometimes 2 times a day.

BRL - Veteran
Somerset, NJ
Wife!?!... Oh yea, I have one of those too. That must be the chick walking around the house with the scowl on her face & the smoke coming out of her ears. I'd better say hello when I sign off ;) She'll get over it when she sees the white greenbacks coming in. Mother Nature better cooperate soon or I'm in real trouble.
Think snow.

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