Snow blower noise complaints?


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I know a lot of guys in here use snow blowers for sidewalks. How many use them for residential sidewalks?

The companies that I have worked for have always just used stick plows (shovels). Just today, I was doing a little thinking and now I wonder if anyone ever complains about the noise. I know that when I am trying to sleep-in on the weekend and the guy next door starts mowing.......:mad: I just can't imagine that kind of noise at 3 or 4 in the morning.

I now offer a V.I.P contract. We won't even plow in the middle of the night. They are gauranteed that the drive will be cleared within 1 hour of the time they leave for work and within 1 hour of the time they return home.

Of course I can only accept a limited number of V.I.P contracts and that is why they pay a PREMIUM price. :D I make extra money for basically the same amount of work, and they won't be disturbed when they are trying to sleep. And most of the time, my goal is to have all drives cleared by 6 or 7 am anyway. I think that in most cases, I can simply do the V.I.P.s last.

This is the first year I have offered this and have had three clients choose this. Two of them are doctors.

So anyway, back to my question. Does anyone ever complain about the noise of a snow blower?

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DaveK, try to use search feature first before posting. :) There was a previous post that will cover some of your questions.

How can you guarantee that you will clear their driveways within one hour before your customers leave and before they get back home? What if your plow or truck break down? What if it is a big storm and you are behind? If you plow their driveways late, what will happen? Will you still charge them if you plow their driveway after they left and after they got back home? Most snowplowers would not guarantee their customers that they will plow their driveways on time.


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I did do a search for "snow blower noise"
It didn't find any concerning my question.
I guess I didn't try "noise complaints"

Well, the chances of the plow or truck breaking down every time is pretty slim. So if I plow the drive 15 times in a year, and one time I am unable to plow on time... I am sure the customer will understand. Contract states unusual events may effect plow times. And if I had a real particular customer, and was unable to plow it, I could always ask a friend with a plow for a big favor or even shovel it myself. Besides, I said I only accept a limited number of V.I.P.s I think that is a non-issue.

If it is a big storm and I am behind, um.... I would leave the route and go do the V.I.P.s...... That's why they pay more. Another non-issue.

Most snowplowers would not guarantee their customers that they will plow their driveways on time.

And I guess that most snowplowers don't get paid 50% more from some customers without doing any extra work, just by plowing those customers within a certain time frame.

Do the math, with all V.I.P.s, I could do one third less and make just as much. This is a very do-able marketing stategy. I make more money, with very little added logistics. The customer feels good just knowing that they are considered Very Important. Everyone is happy and I get paid three full contracts for every two V.I.P.s

If you see a real flaw in this, please let me know.


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