Snow 1/6/03????

Chuck Smith

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Snowing here now. Ground temp still just above freezing though, plus residual salt. Air temp is 31°, and at 2pm it was 34°, so it is falling. They are saying an inch possible for us by morning. It is a fast moving clipper too.



Stamford, CT
Same here 1"- 3" although the weather channel keeps saying
3"- 6".

Just checked the hospital I work for, Thank god for the residual from "Magic Salt"

Walks look a little coated in spots, guess they didnt use enough Magic in some areas... We'll see ... maybe it just needs a few minutes to catch up since the walks dont get as much use as the lots.

Anyway, it can snow all it wants, we're ready as ever.:waving: :D

"Ain't no thang, but a chicken wing on a string!!!!":cool:


It's 3:50 am and I just got in:eek: Been out since 5:30 pm. We got about 4" down here. Got some "War Wounds" tonight:(

I'll post about it later.



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we got a decent amount of snow here, all schools are open if not open delayded. id say around 3'' just enough to go out for a few hours and make somemoney.


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well went out around 4 AM.did some plowing but mostly sanding with my new downeaster 1.5 electric spreader.went out again at 2:30 PM and got back in the door about an hour ago.lots of fun and wasn't hard on the trucks.


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LaPorte Indiana
Got to plow/salt two accounts on Sat. night, then got to plow/salt 6 more accounts on Sun. night. Was stopping at the local car wash to spray the truck off this morning when I finished, and was approached by the owner, upset with the company that is plowing them now. They showed up as we were talking, but gave him some cards, and told him to call me. His current plower does not offer salt either. Then got a call this evening, guy wants his used car lot plowed, told me what he is currently paying, and he will pay us that amount, which is $10 more than what I would have charged. Plus he has a friend that has another lot down the road that needs to be done. I have to say, it has been a pretty good week, now we need this for the next 8 or 9 weeks. Good luck to all


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