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Does anyone know of a snow deflector that actually keeps snow off the truck?. I run Fisher plows and will buy the fisher snofoil if I knew it worked but to outfit both of my plows would be $550.00, I want to be shure before I spend the money. Anyone have any suggestions? If there is a better or cheeper deflector let me know?



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They work well if you are plowing at higher speeds. Where the snowfoil has a problem is stacking. I found that snow would fall on top of it when stacking and then fall back into the cleared path. I took my snofoil of and I run a rubber deflector. I would like to come up with a quick mount dismount for it cause I would use it on my private roads but not driveways.
The Fisher snofoil works really well in deep snow,as it helps roll the snow over,making it easier to push.Only problem,because it sticks out in front of the actual blade,when piling or stacking,it tends to get pretty bashed up if your not careful.The old conveyor belt trick works well.Or just buy a bolt on rubber deflector.Both will keep the snow off the truck,for the most part.


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Depending on how fast you are plowing the steel deflector fisher makes may help. It's the cheapest thing fisher sells for their plows, I thnik I paid around 80$ and it's great when you're stacking. When you get going over 20 with light powder it's gonna be on the wind shield though. At the dealer they told me the foil was good for open parking lots where there is nothing to hit it on and you want to roll the snow, however he warned me that at high speeds wet snow would lift the plow slightly.


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The snow foil is upwards of 200.00, so if you need 2 you will be in the 4-500.00 range, like you mentioned.
WE use old conveyor rubber, and if you want it to look better, just poof can it black. It will look fine. I know some people that use the foil and a rubber deflector. I used to have a foil, and even have made a few. They work ok, but till limit you in some aspects. I like the rubber better.

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I also use old conveyor rubber for my snow deflector, and something else that you can do to make it look nice (in addition to the black paint mentioned in the previous post) is to use a piece of flat bar (1/8" x 2" wide works well) and sandwich the rubber between the flat bar and moldboard. This keeps the rubber nice and flat along the top. (I went a little overboard with mine, I used a piece of stainless flat bar and stainless bolts with acorn nuts.) Being in the welding trade and doing a fair amount of work for the aggregate companies is handy for me - lots of good heavy belting available there!

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Acorn nuts? 75 you don't ride a Harley too do you? Angelo's supply ( has rubber deflectors for $68.00 the last time I checked.

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No, much as I'd like a Harley they're a little out of my league for the moment - my Virago will have to do for now! Seriously, yes, I do like to use stainless fasteners and acorn nuts to dress the truck up a little. I admit they don't make it push snow any better, I just like the look of them!

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I have a sno-foil on my Fisher,it helps when going fast but it hurts everywhere else,save your money and make one like Dino said,out of conveyer belts.The foil blows the snow down and out,without the foil the sno rolls like a log and much less spills.The plow lifts quite a bit with the foil,and the biggest gripe i have is no matter how much i wax the back of the foil,snopw sticks to the top from stacking,and when you drop for the next pass,the snow rolls off the back of the foil on to the area you just scraped clean,very annoying.I get my lots spotless,and have to replow the lot after plowing just to remove the stuff that spills off the back.I paid 125 for mine in 1995-prices ahve went up quite a bit,If i had it to buy again,i wouldnt pay 50 for it.the best thing about my foil is it looks really cool.


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I have a Fisher with a snofoil. It makes the plow look good, but there are cheaper and better ways to provide yourself with the same ends. Rubber seems to be the best.

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