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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by CT18fireman, Mar 25, 2001.

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    I was just browsing e-bay and came across a unplowed 7.5 ft Sno-way steel blade off a F350. It is the complete setup. The seller states that the list price is over $7000! Is this true? I do not know much about these plows but I can't imagine them being any better than a Fisher or Diamond. This price is double that of a Fisher. Is the price true? Is there something truly amazing about these plows that warrants such a high price? Just wondering. Thanks.
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    I think that he is full of BS. Your not talking about a real comercial type of setup at 7.5 ft .He is trying to get some sucker to belive him I think and pay more than what he paind for plus a profit.If that guy paid any more than $3,200 for it I would be surprised.
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    Well I guess I would be qualified to answer this question, since I work for Sno-Way. NO WAY!! This guy on e-bay must be trying to buy two plows for one. List price on a 7-1/2 Sno-Way plow with all the options and 25 series is $3800 and I don't know anyone who sells at list price! Our "V" plow list price is $4900 so I don't know where this gentleman is getting his price. As we all know, no one sells at List and stays in business, at least on plows.
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    One thought - where is the seller from? I also feel he is is trying to snow someone with his price, but consider this.

    I paid almost $7,000 Canadian for a fully-optioned 8'2" Boss this fall, including taxes. The exchange rate with the US, and Ontario's 15% sales taxes are important factors here.

    As an aside, I could probably sell my $7,000 investment for about $4,500 at this point - certainly no more unless I included installation on the buyer's rig.
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    Wow, he's asking $3800. that seems pretty steep. Also, where the hell is Great Deals, United States????

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    e-bay price

    Actually no, the guy on e-bay is selling the plow for $3500 but is that more realistic than saying the plow list over $7000 unless he is talking in Canada terms. I e-mailed him and he said he was selling for someone else, so who knows where the plow came from. Guess my point is that he is expecting to get new price for a used plow. Even if he has never plowed with it, it has already had an owner and is probably still not within warranty. Not to mention that the subframe has already been mounted once before. Then again, I guess that is what e-bay is all about, getting the most for something they can.
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    At the bottom of his description he states: "Seller will deliver within 100 miles of OKC, OK. Translated he is talking about Oklahoma City, Ok.
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    Well... that plow looks almost identical to mine, other than the fact that his moldboard is black, and mine is a little grayish. I paid about $3100, INSTALLED!!! Where in the world does he think it lists for $7000?!?!

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    I paid 5300 CND for mine installed. That's 3300 USD.