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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mlc, Feb 11, 2000.

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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Sno-way plows. I was in their website at and their plows differ a bit from other manufacturers. They advertise a lighter plow weight with a down pressure system to scrape like heavier plow setups. Also a Lexan blade. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Steve
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    Well steve I guess I'd be the one to talk to. We've got two 7.5' snoways. One has lexan and the other steel skin. We punched a hole in the lexan blade on our older plow (even though we were told it was &quot;bulletproof&quot;) so we opted for steel this time around. Snoway was so shocked that we'd punctured their blade that they replaced it free of charge no questions asked. <p>We like the snoways because they are lightweight, the downpressure is handy in driveway plowing, they stack snow nice and high, and they've been very reliable (ie. little downtime). Probably the worst thing about them is trying to hook them up. Even though we're experienced at doing it, it's still a two-man job and it's still way more difficult then hooking up our meyers. <p>We're going to try and see about putting wings on the steel bladed one since our meyers with wings clears lots WAY faster than the snoways can. <p>If you do a lot of driveways they're a good plow. If you do mostly commercial lots I'd go with a V-Plow if I were you. I doubt we'll ever buy a straight blade again.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

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    I've had a snoway for 5 years on an S15 Jimmy, it has been very reliable. I have the 6'8 which is just a little wider than the compact meyers, it is also a couple of inches taller. I've never had any problems with the lexan, it does have a small dent from when I hit something, but it didn't crack and doesn't affect anything and I've hit plenty of things in my day. The down pressure is awesome for back dragging on a small truck. I will be getting another when I get a new truck.
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    Thanks for your input. I'm shopping for a plow setup for my Toyota tacoma. The sno-way looks to be a good option for me. Steve.
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    The snoway is the only plow that can be mounted to the new Ranger,S10,Frontier,and all their SUV spinoffs.I think the Tacoma and Dakota are the only small trucks that can still take a steel blade(according to manufacturer). John D<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    Has anyone used the snoway Lobo V plow?I once saw an ad and they said it is the only V plow on the market that has down pressure.Has anyone used or knows anything about this V plow?
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    Adam,<p>I haven't used one but I'm definately going to check them out when we're looking for our next plow. Our straight blade snoways have been very reliable and that's important for us...we're not skilled in home repair of our plows like Chuck and some of the other guys out there.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    I know a guy with a new LOBO vplow on an F350. Asked him how he liked it. Said the controls were a pain in the ###. Cluster of rockers, large size. Also looked it over quick. Moldboard is thin with braces. Said he bought it because his push plates for the EZvee were on backorder...needed something now. Cost him 4K installed. Figure I'll ask again next year.<p>Dave