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Discussion in 'Sno-Way Discussion' started by NEAL, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. NEAL

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    I went back and searched past threads about plowing with s-10 and other smaller vehicles. I have been convinced that a sno-way plow with downpressure would be great for my s-10 blazer for doing driveways. But... I dug out an old brochure and it lists the weight with lights and mount for the L2480 (series 24 light comercial duty 80") at 512-555# seems to me that it might be kind of heavy. Meyer has a 6.5 ft plow for the s-10 that weighs 400#. I like the lighter weight but no down pressure. Any thoughts?

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    I have a 7.5' STEEL 25-Series with the lights, and it weighs in the vacinity of 550-600 lbs.

    I would call SnoWay and ask them. 550-lbs. for a 6.5' 24-series seems wrong to me.

  3. OP

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    what kind of controller does sno-way use? Is it a joy stick type that is solenoid controlled or do they use cables? Is it big and ugly?
    I think I will call sno-way about the weight it doesnt seem right.

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    They come standard with switches... which I like alot. You can angle the blade while it's going down, without being in the hold position. Like the Western joystick has to be in the center (hold) for you to be able to angle it. Yes, it's being a little anal, but I like it.

    They do offer a joystick, but it is pretty big.

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    The switch box unhooks when not in use unless you mount it permanently. We left ours loose and set it on our left leg when plowing. Left hand rests on it, which holds it in place while you finger the switches, leaving your right hand free to shift and steer. I was thinking that our Series 25, 8' was something like 480 lbs plus mounting frame, which is probably another 80.

    The Sno-Way joystick is club!
  6. pcs

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    I used velcro and attached it to my center console. It's pretty good because it's sturdy and it's not flying all over the place.
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    I built a center console that holds my plow controls, my spreader controller, my hands-free kit for my phone, my mag-light, and my police scanner. It doesn't look real good right now, but once I carpet it to match the truck, it'll be a lot nicer. It works really well though, so I guess that's all that counts.

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    i just put a snoway7\6 on my 2004 nissan frontier 4x4 320lbs and it is amazing with wireless controls down presure ofcourse and is alot faster then my 2005 dodge 3500 cummings diesel got a western 8\5 pro on it . my lil truck blows it away:)my opinion snoway is awsome!!!
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    got a snoway w/ the new 2pt.mount and wireless handheld great in/outside the truck.
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    Why are you guys responding to a thread posted in 2001? Seems to me he would have made up his mind by now.:rolleyes: