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sno-way plow pricing and financing

Discussion in 'Sno-Way Discussion' started by desearth, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. desearth

    desearth Junior Member
    from PA
    Messages: 18

    Hey everyone, looking into getting a sno-way 22 series 7'6" with down pressure. Just got a price of $5000.00. Does anyone know if there is any special financing for these there web sit has some info but don’t know if it’s near me or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hydro_37

    hydro_37 PlowSite Veteran
    from iowa
    Messages: 3,790

    Ask the dealer. They may have an "in-hous" financing program
  3. lawn king

    lawn king PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,085

    That price is steepe?
  4. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    Drop me a PM or email
  5. dutchman

    dutchman Senior Member
    Messages: 281

    plow is made out of GOLD:eek: