Sno-Way drop speed

cutntrim - Veteran
This may be stating the obvious, but do you make sure the downpressure switch is disengaged before dropping the blade? If it's engaged it will drop the blade down with a lot of force.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I had wondered about this as well. When it's cold, it doesn't drop very fast. But once that fluid warms up... it falls pretty quickly.

Bryan??? Is there an adjustment???

Alan Addict
None from me, I like having the plow come down fast anyhow, so I leave the downpressure engaged all the time. As far as I know there is no adjustment on them. Call yourself lucky it's not a Lobo, they have them slowed down to a ridiculous level, I cna go for coffee and have a smoke while the plow is dropping.


Senior Member
I'm with Alan on this one, I haven't had that complaint before so honestly no I don't know either. You can call Steve at the factory at 1-800-662-1453 and ask him, he is in technical service and should know. Sorry I'm blank on this one. None of my manuals show any adjustments on drop speed.

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