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I have a slight oil leak on both of my chevy's my 82 burns a little bit but drips 85 does very little of big problem on my 82 is that i can't seem to locate the drip...I have wiped all of the underside clean in hopes of finding it and never have to this day...I originally thought that it was the valve covers but the last time i replaced them I was careful to get good seals and seal them off well and use clamps for even pressure across the top when tightening and that helped alot... no more cab smoke but now i can see where it hits the ground when it sits for awhile...looks like somewheres almost behind the block...not the oil pan i have checked that many of times...any ideas? or common places they seem to leak?

Always remember a chevy never drips fluids it just marks its territory ;)

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Rear main seal? I've got to face swapping one in my 91 S-10, 4.3. NOT a project I'm looking forward to, it's hell getting the top bolts out of the bell. I think this one just may go to a shop, I think I'd rather pay the bill than suffer the frustration.

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There should be a weep hole in the flywheel cover. If it's the rear main it will leak from there. As for the gent with the S-10, I remove the body mount bolts and jack the body up and put 2 2x4's 2 per side between the frame and body. You have to remove the bumper and grill in order to do this. That is the only way I have found to do this. Or you could use a hole saw in the cab to gain access. JUST KIDDING.


I had chrome valve covers on mine and had to get some cast aluminum ones. No matter how hard I tried to get the chrome ones to seal good, they wouldn't. I think the previous owner overtorqued them and they were ever so slightly bent at the ends, and they leaked. Doesn't leak now with the cast aluminum covers (about $80). Had another leak show up after replacing the covers. Traced it back to a bad gasket on the oil filter. Also had my fuel pump leaking at the block. When it leaked it blew back everywhere and you couldn't tell where it was coming from. Think I fixed my "last" oil leak after trying to fix all of them for about a year. Frustrating ain't it??? Hope this helps.

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