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Going to toss this oot there...... Like many threads there are many layers to the topic that get unveiled as the thread progresses/matures. With many states legalizing / decrimializing some Schedule 1 drugs it's become a topic worth discussing with the most common being maryjuana.
Depending on what industry your in and your customer base should determine if you follow Federal or State laws. If you or your employees are required to have a CDL / Med card then it's pretty simple, you follow the Federal law.
If no CDL/med card is required then it's up to the employer to determine what laws to follow.
I think it's pretty safe to say, drinking alcohol or smoking maryjuana while on the clock or during lunch/breaks is a no no.
Smoking cigs is a tough on since its the employers personel preference. Seems a far amount of smokers have no problem flipping butts on the ground or even oot the window which does the company's brand no good. Having crews oot and aboot it's hard to enforce no smoking. Smokers are going to smoke and as an employer the only thing you can do is tell them is smoke on your own time (breaks and lunch), not in company vehicles (employers call) and to dispose of there butts properly and leave no traces behind them.


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safe to wrap this up or are we getting back on topic? :confused::laugh:
The legalization distribution, methods for taxation is a political hot button in our state right now we voted for the legalization of marijuana but our state legislature is messing it up.
Even though the state voted in favor of it they are going tolet counties either vote again or decide for them selves if they want to sell it in their counties it’s a very political hot button right now.

Along with taxation and what this money will go towards along with rehabilitation programs and testing for those who have issues

OK, I guess you’re right just tell me to take it to the political thread…:laugh::cool2:

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