Smart Hitch Problem

I have an 8'2" RT3 with the smart hitch, when hooking the plow up, its goes on fine. However, when I remove the plow, the hitch pins are tought to get out, most of the time I have to put the plow in float and lift up on the light towers to get the tension off the pins. I have moved the push frame up and down, even at 15 1/2" its still does it. Any suggestions?


NE Indiana
I have the same plow only on a 98 2500. I figure you know this, but just in case, you have to put the plow in float then toggle the light tower to lower itself, not push it down. However what I usually do is flip both pin release levers to the off position. Then I hit the toggle switch(on the hitch) to raise the tower and the pins usually snap out, then toggle the switch down to lower the light tower all the way down. Hope this helps Joe