Smart Hitch 2 Question

GR Salter

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grand rapids MI
I recently purchased a new 8'6" straight plow with the smart hitch 2.
After a night of plowing one of the coupler pins actually worked it's
way all the way out. Luckily this only happened on one side. Right
now they are both zip tied in. Is there an update kit for this?
Also one light bulb socket on each headlight melted. This on the
new headlight style. Please don't give the standard "never heard of
that happening" reply. Our dealer says he's been seeing this.
We have 12 Boss plows and are happy with them. We also have a great
dealer.(B&B truck)


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Smart Hitch 2

Hi GR, I just bought mine about a week ago. When I was there I was told about a recall on the pin handles and the dealer had to cut them down and file them smooth. Is it possible this is the problem?? I guess the handles were getting caught in the snow. I hope this helps a little. Chris

Boss Plows

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we do have a recall on the rolled pin. Ask you dealer for part number MSC04764. It seems the handle on the release pin is loading up the rolled pin. If it gets enough movement(load), it will cold work the rolled pin. We have just started shipping the pin kits to all dealers so it may be a week or so before every dealer has stock on the MSC04764 kit.
The BOSS Plow

John DiMartino Veteran
My repair kits just came in the mail now,Trailer king responded quickly,they are a great dealer,the kit replaces the roll pins with stronger,solid bolts,ill get mine on tonight.I hope this fixes it for good,there were no other instructions in the kit,about cutting ,and filing anything.

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