Small Snowthrower


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Hey Guys. I was wondering what would be a great small snow blower. One That could be easly lifted in and out of the truck bed to do walks with out to much trouble. I would like something light but built to last. I'm new to the snowplowing side of the bussiness And Don't have a clue to whats out price or builder.Thanks in advance for the help!!

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Step one: Use the "search" feature! :cool: (Click on the "search" link located at the top right of the page)

As an example, here's a recent thread on the subject of snowblowers:

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best single stage no doubt.....toro! These blowers are not only light weight but will slurp up that soupy wet snow with snow porbem or without clogging at all!


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I bought the honda last year under Dino's recomendation and I gotta side with him, it's one tough, idiot proof, work horse. Filled it with gas a few days ago & started it on the second pull, like it was never stored. A quality machine

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The little Toro (16" 3hp) is so small & light.

Way lighter than a Honda.

Honda's got a great engine, for sure, but I think the Toro curved impeller is better and the weight is much more conducive to lifting in and out of the truck and working around steps.


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Thanks Chuck!! Great to be seen. Getting to be that time of year again. Most of my contracts are signed, getting the equipment ready, staying up half the night to read all these post, I love this time of year!!



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It not that I have anything against a TORO, but after using several 2 stroke blowers, the reliability of the Honda is so nice. I have been through 12" of wet snow and it threw it fine. The only thing that is a wear item is the rubber impeller peices, but that is with any single stage.
The 520 also has a very nice price point. Around 500.00 I think.