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Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by Green mentorship, Dec 4, 2019.

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    We're doing a complete office renovation at one of my locations which led me to call around for a small roll-off dumpster. The pricing seems to be quite lucrative.

    It got me thinking, we have three international 4300s that sit idle all summer. If the largest cost is the trucks, maybe this is something I should be getting into. I have an 11-acre farm so storing the unused bins is no issue either.

    Is there anyone within this community who does small roll-offs who'd be interested in talking with me?
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    Dang, how much snow plowing do you do in Kauai? Kidding of course. I’ve been wanting to visit there since our trip to Maui.
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    I don't have a roll off business, but do rent them on a regular basis.
    I think it depends partly on what you pay for dump fees in your area and distance to get to the landfill in your area.
    We usually have larger dumpsters, but recently had a guy drop off a 10 yard with a switch-n-go. I think the rate was around $350.
    @Mark Oomkes has been using switch-n-gos, but I don't think for dumpsters.