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I feel a little foolish bothering you guys with this question so I apologize for my lack of knowledge... I want to try and sign up as many people as possible on seasonal contracts for plowing driveways here in town next year. All driveways in question are small ( 2 car wide, 4-6 cars deep)sidewalks to shovel and maybe throw some salt if they want. I have a truck with a 7.5 ft plow, a 2-stage blower, and an atv with a 48 in blade. I will use whatever is most productive in each drive. This is a just starting up type of deal but I have plowed some lots and bigger drives for the past 6 years. I do not have the money for a backup truck or I would try to get parking lots right off the bat. My goal is to start small and grow into the bigger stuff. My actual question is about pricing these small drives. I did use the search feature and see that a "regular" drive should be about $20 per plow, shoveling $10 per time ,and salting $15 per time. Are these drives i'm talking about "regular" or will I need to charge less? When you add it all up and figure for a season it seems like a lot! Any thoughts would be appreciated and sorry for the long thread.



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I feel what is fair is determine your costs. We charge a minium of $50 for a "stop charge fee" large or small drive and go from there.

As you get bigger and more established.......$50 minimums could be a reality for you........but, for now it sounds like you are on-track. If the driveways involve a lot of backdragging, you might consider charging more for them.......and explain to the customer why that is more difficult.....they should understand.

Good luck!

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In Wisconsin the going rate may be $15; in DC it may be $50. Seems it depends on how much total snow for an area, more snow meaning less $$$'s per push.

My market is $20-35 for double driveway, the higher prices the further from the urban center you go. Garages at the head of the drive are the rule rather than exception. I just picked up 3 adjacent driveways (3 sisters, package deal) @25 each w/no need to leave the drivers seat. $75 cash for 8 minute work is fine by me (its between existing stops).

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