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Well guys this year as a LCO we have really went after commercial accounts for mowing in order to possiably venture into snow this is the story..In Southern Indiana we recieved in the last three years..2-3 pushable snows each year and 2-3 saltings for ice. My question would you sell in a seasonal contract to commercial customers or a per push to these accounts such as banks, fuel stations, and small retail stores...or charge per push? Based on the above snow fall...or would you even say the equipment investment wouldnt be worth it for that amount of snow????? I would say it will be a small amount of these accounts about ten to one truck..(is that small?)

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Honestly, eggy, it sounds like it would take you quite a while to get your money back out of your equipment. But... if you plan it right, and maybe do a little more commercial, maybe you'd be all right.

As far as billing goes, I think I would go with a "per push" method. If you went seasonal, I think your customers may feel like their being robbed, with only a few snowfalls per year. At least if you go per push, they know what they're paying for.

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Eggy seasonal all the way, per push accounts in very light snow fall areas will not make you money.
Email me privately, or call me at 860-859-0739. To many ideas to post here. Also do a search under this topic and see what comes up, alot of this has been gone over before.

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