Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DaveO, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. DaveO

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    How did the new Dodge work out? This storm was a good test.

    Need a V for my Ram!!!

  2. slplow

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    Dave, I love the dodge. Out of all the trucks that I have had, this truck plows the best. We got 11" here. How did you do? I think when you put a blade on your dodge, your ford will sit.
  3. Mike Nelson

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    Oh my God I think I'm going to throw up!:mad:
    Just kidding,to each there own.
    Anything that doesn't brake down during a storm works for me!
    Happy Plowing:D
  4. OP

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    We got about 4-6". The Ford did OK with that. You can't kill the 6's torque when multiplied by 1st gear(creeper). I plowed a drive @ work(Norwood), yesterday morning. About a foot deep, bottom 2" were solid. Pushed around the horsehoe section, truck just went sideways. Not enough weight/speed to move that heavy stuff. Had to lift the blade and skim it. Straight shot was OK, backdraggin it was a joke. Paid for my gas $$ to work at least.

    We got snow till 6pm. Then heavy rain till 11pm. Then heavy wind driven snow till 1am Tues. I had everyone done by midnight, slept from 1-4am. Went back out and cleaned up about 2" more. I'm actually glad we didn't get a foot plus of this stuff. Made me think about the V for the Ram....


    I thought you were a dispatcher?? LOL...I like ALL brands, they all have pro's/con's. Have ya driven a new diesel ram lately? I have driven/plowed with all 3 diesels. Wouldn't complain about any of them...but don't tell Dino that.

  5. Mike Nelson

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    You are right!Only thing I have to worry about is if my digitel tv goes out.Then no Sopranos:eek:
    Anyway I am still paying for my Ford,can't go shopping for a new truck,like all you big spenders:D
    When I think of Dodge,I still hear that whining starter they had for so many years:D:D
    Oh boy back to the bathroom!