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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by SlimJim Z71, Dec 28, 2000.

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    If things aren't bad enough right now with my whole lung ordeal, I thought of something else. During the two-weeks prior to my injury, while loading a bag of salt into my hopper... I came REALLY close to doing the splitz in the bed of my truck. You get a little snow in there, and that thing get slippery as all $#@!

    I mentioned it to the other guy I plow with, and he said he's tried bed-liners, mats, etc. Nothing works very well. Have any of you had any luck with anything??? That's all I need is to get back to work, and then slip and fall in the bed of my truck and end up back in the hospital. They have no cable, no VCR's, and BAD FOOD...

  2. GeoffD

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    Take a sheet of 4X8 plywood and nail strips of wood accross it.

    Then put the 4X8 sheet of plywood in the bed of your pick up.

    We have nothing in the back of our pick ups but a bed liner. Then again we don't have to get in the back very often.

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    ...and no access to that forum...

    Unloading snow blower give the same problem. Some feet over head later, I made retangle grating who fits behind the wheels and the tailgate. Even full of snow during the storms it will grip. After the event, Don't forget to lift it for a good cleaning and avoid ice under.

    cold platic, rubber mate, checker plate, wood(trailer) all those remain slippery.

    You can screw the grill on wood frame, or weld it on tubing. I use the same as they use for the trailer's ramp, but a smaller gage.

    finally we're getting some non-forcasted snow right now..Humm GOOD, I like that !!!
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    Rhino-Liner is all you will ever need.
  5. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Rhino Liner's aren't slippery when wet???

  6. Rooster

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    Linux liner might work better cost wise about the same.

    I know a guy who has the linux liner, work great for his situation.

    Tim: BTW How are you doing?
    Did you teach the wife how to plow, and dodge cars at the same time?

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    The Rhino liners i had in all my trucks didnt slip plus it never can rust through the liner if you have older trucks. Im sure if it rained hard and got cold it would, but i bet anything would.
  8. OP
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    I'm doing okay... I'm going back to the hospital in about an hour to get the tube taken out of my chest... THANK GOD!!! This thing is driving me nuts. Otherwise, I just have to take it easy. I'm back behind the wheel and plowing, but taking things a lot slower. Wife gets to shovel. He he heee.....

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    Tim,glad to hear your back behind the wheel again,and doing well.Oh yeah-I stay out of the back of my truck when its snowing.The only thing that goes in a a couple scoops of salt or sand in the V-box.If i gotta hp up in there to bust it up,the narrow path between the bed and v-box wont let me fall,and if it gets slippery,ill drop a little Magic salt on the liner and its gone by the next account.
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    I switched to a box trialer for my stuff. Keeps the deicer dry. Gives a good place to fix broken stuff. No lost or icy tools. Good place for the help to hide out and smoke butts. Plus its secure lock the doors and everyone will have to guess what you are carrying.