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Eric ELM

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Are you ready for more snow? 2 to 4 more inches tomorrow again. I was very surprised that the snow we had stacked up was as soft as it was. I figured that rain we got over the weekend would make it like concrete after it got down in the single digit temperature, but I was able to move piles back where I needed to make more room without much problems at all. I did put on some new tires, which really helped.

I see you guys out east have some snow headed your way. I'm trying to share it with you. :)

John DiMartino Veteran
wev,e got 3-5 coming tonight into tomorrow am.then another one right behind it, on friday.Thanks Santa, Eric,and John Allin for sharing some snow.Im glad its here,but man i still havent started my Xmas shopping,Im in trouble this year.just got the 6 1/2 mounted on the 95 Blazer,so ive got my backup truck again,just in time it seems.

TLS Addict
Its now snowing in SE PA first of the season. Now only calling for 1-2" in NW suburbs of Phila :( I want a nice 4" snow, and please no snow on Christmas Eve or day....Got that Eric? Just hold it out your way till at least the 26th!!!

Eric ELM

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No problem Dixie 1, I'll do my best :)

The long range forecast says no snow here Christmas, but probably the day after. Those storms are just lineded up out west and keep heading right at us here.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
We got 3" just after midnight this morning. Plowed everything this morning. And another 3" came this afternoon (so we can plow again tonight).

This will make 32 days in a row of plowing, salting, stacking or hauling snow. We've had 75" at the lakeshore, and 135" two miles south of the lakeshore where the snowbelt starts (and the lake effect really kicks in), and also happens to be where most of our retail business is located at. We have some sites that have been plowed 45 times thus far this season.

Hard to comprehend, isn't it ???

I too don't want snow on Christmas....... to hard to find the subs and the sidewalk crews.

cutntrim - Veteran
We've been out 13 of the past 15 days/nights and had 38" so far. We may not quite be pissin' with the big dogs yet, but those are pretty ripe numbers for around here before xmas. We were out today after 2" (big wow) came in last night.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
OH MAN... WHAT A DAY! We only ended up with about 3" out here. It was easy plowing, but a lot of it was already packed down on the pavement at the dealership. So, even after we plowed, it would get messed up again as soon as someone drove over it. I got up at 2am this morning, after getting to bed at 10:45pm, and was plowing until 5pm. I'm freakin exhausted. Our Mercedes inventory lot was frozen solid. My blade would almost do a back-flip from tripping so much. That was rough.

A guy at work asked how I could be tired from plowing. I asked if he had ever plowed before. He said "Very little." I said, at times, it's basically like getting in a car accident every 30-seconds. He said "Oh..."

What a day. And now they're saying another 2-3" tomorrow. Looks like we're in for a record breaking winter.


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