Slick custom body

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Thank you for the compliment. And it's working out great, with the shorter frame and extra springs it carries teh estimated 700 lb load in the spreader just fine.

DaveO Veteran

Excellent work!!! I am very impressed on how well you thought/set up everything. The strobe mounts with the wiring route is attention to detail. How many hours would you estimate?

Again, very nice job...


Alan Addict

It's hard to figure the time as I worked on and off on it for well over a month. At one point I figured about 80 hours, but in retrospect it's probably more in line with 100-120. As it happened I was able to take/make time to work on it as we were in a bad drought here this fall and mowing was pretty much at a standstill. The only way I can justify dong stuff like this myself is that (A) you can have just what you want and (B) it's better built than anything off a factory floor.

It's much like my equipment trailers, which are also homebuilts. I have nearly as much $$ in material as I could buy a complete trailer for. But mine don't flex when you load them off center and they tow straight as a string.

And there is a certain level of ego involved that can say "I built that and it's better than anything you could buy!"

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Aw, you guys from "Vuhmont" and your egos! Always looking for an excuse to show off! ;)

J/K Alan - I know what you mean about being able to say "I built that and it's better than anything you can buy!" I also like being able to answer, when asked where I bought something, "I built it!" :D


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Like Alan said it's built they way he needs it and it's beefed up more than a stock item.I like the way it came out very nice unit Alan,my brother-in law is from Vermont up in Enosberg falls.He's a pretty good welder too Will have to get himm to make something as good as that but mayby on a 1 ton chassis.

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Claverack, NY
Saw pics of your truck body job from Chuck Smith's website a couple of weeks ago. It sure looks like alot of work, but you did a very nice job.

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