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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Eager Beaver, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Eager Beaver

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    Looking into purchasing or leasing a skidsteer for not only my winter snow removal operation but for landscaping also. A lot of people are sold on Bobcats. Any suggestions and or comments. Likes or Dislikes. Equipment add ons etc. that are working for you
  2. snoman

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    We have run everything except the bobcat line-used to lease skidsteeres for the summer but we now have one we own and are looking for another one to own so that we can utilize them through the year. our new holland 565 is great for summer work (used mostly for hardscaping)-we have a backhoe attachment-forks-and heavyduty bucket for it.We purchased a protech for it but only went with a 6 footer because of the size of machine.We have tried out a few different machines and we are happy with the new holland ls180. It is a little heavy for hardscaping(7800lbs) but great for loading materials into the trucks and excavating jobs. The weight and speed (two speed)of the ls180 will allow us to put a bigger protech on it for the winter. We demoed it during a storm two weeks ago and were very excited with its performance.If it is your first skidsteer I would say get a mid ranged unit that you can feel out so that you dont under buy or over buy for your particular applications.Hope this helps a little.
  3. John DiMartino

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    Here,New Hollands are the best selling skid steers,and with a good dealer only 4 miles away,thats what Id buy too.They also seem to give the most for your dollar and have a roomier cab than Bobcat.
  4. wyldman

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    Ditto on the new hollands.Had a few Bobcat's and will never go back.
  5. snoman

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    Wanted to add that we did try out the new cat skidsteer and did not like it - it seems to be a well built machine but with sitting up so high seems a little unstable for our applications. they are priced pretty good(around 28k with heater cab option)so that they can introduce them to the market.give it a try you might like it
  6. OP
    Eager Beaver

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    Thanks for all the comments. I did look at the CAT unit a couple of weeks ago at a landscaping show here in Lansing. Does the New Holland have a brush cutter and or a stump grinder attachment avalible for them? That is one thing I did like about the Cat unit as we do that type of work along with everything else in the summer. I will the New Holland out before making any decisions. Any problems that I should look out for on a used one?
  7. snow

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    Check out New Hollands website. they have a lot of attachments, i checked the attachment flyer for new holland i have and it lists a stump grinder and a brush cutter. Just remember that there's a lot of after market skid steer attachment makers.

  8. snoman

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    The new hollands have a long list of attachments including the ones you were talking about. Attachments like that will need a machine with high-flow on it.Our 565 has high flow-allows you to run grinders-augers-sweepers etc.If that is what you need it for price one with highflow and a cab-needed for warmth in winter and dust in summer
  9. bobcat s-160

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    new hollands are junk good luck keeping motors in them
  10. jvm81

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    I have a case skid currently. Alot of contractors have NH cuz they say they are a heavier machine and takes abuse. Although some have had engine troubles in the past. We also have a NH dealer right in town. I block from NH dealer is Bobcat dealer. I have rented a bigger tracked machine from them and loved it. I don't mind the cab at all and have had good luck with our rentals. JD is also in town - I have never tried one/rented but a few concrete guys have them and they like the machine.

    There is a new 4 lane road that is going in around our town. Them guys run all Cat and they say they will never go back. Love the machines, great power etc.

    I guess I would go with one you feel comfortable with, good dealer support and price is also a factor. Get a mid range unit - capable of attachments but yet not to big.
  11. andrewlawnrangr

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    new holland, bobcat we could go on and on

    either machine the ls 180 is the older model now i thing its the L180 with 63 hp i would say thats decient for landscaping/ hardscaping and snow

    bobcat's compairable maching is the s185

    With either get a 2 speed,high flow, enclosed cab with heat, quick disconect from inside of the cab of any attchment ( that dosnet have hydro lines) and a weight kit

    there are a lot of aftermarket companies that make attachments for SS so do some research before you buy a NH or bobcat attachment..

    good luck in the process
  12. Mark13

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    Wow, this is an old thread. I wonder what he ever decided to buy?