skids and snow

going to purchase skid steer

one of the functions will be to possibly plow snow but will also use for stacking

realize not the most efficient machine but cannot utulize bigger unit year round

looking for opinions on size

just about decided on a bobcat 773 because it can lift up and farther from machine

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Chicago, Il
Look to other manufacters like Case or New Holland before you make mind up. Test them out. I like New Holland but Casae also makes a good machine.

John DiMartino Veteran
The new holland is very good at stacking,most of them will load the center of a tandem,even the small ones,try that with a Bobcat.the lift arms on the NH allow it to go outward as it goes upward,making stacking easier ,the bobcat the bucket goes up and towards you.
New Holland. The superboom is realy nice and good for stacking. The higher you lift the further it reaches. I run a New Holland lx865 with an 8' pusher and I think it's probley the best.

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North Jersey
Check out the new John Deere. They have the same type of lifting system as the New Holland but are alot beefier. The smallest one they make, 240, has no problem lifting a pallet of 4" wall block. Price is about the same if I remember correctly.

By the way, the Bobcat 773/873/973 have a vertical lift path. Cost more than the other two.
The bobcat 773 has a vertical lift path and a great lift capacity. Also, exceptionally easy to service. The bad things on bobcats are the center crossbar for the loader and rear visibility. The bucket tilt cyl. is in the middle making entry and exit a little more difficult, but also causing the adaptation of some implements impossible. The rear window is small and the engine compartment door is high leaving on heck of a blind spot. If snow is a main job task you're gonna need a cab, at least a front door cause the snow from the bucket comes in and packs around your feet. They get cold and then you have to dig it out to use the foot pedals. I have a 753 so I have been there. If I was to buy new it would probably be a New Holland, I have a closer dealer than Bobcat and in landscaing this rear vision thing makes a world of difference. And remember, skid steers are like boats, you'll always want the next size bigger.


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Check out the john deere 250,260,270 machines they use to be made by newholland but noe deere make ther own and i think that they redesigned them pretty good.I would try them all out if i was you just to see the advantages and disavatages of them.But as far as serviceing them deere and newholland got them beet I think.
I was looking at cat320's post and thought I might mention the naew Caterpillar skidsteers. Pilot controls are cool and the design is similar to the new deeres. They might be pricy knowing Cat but it again comes down to your local dealer.

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Chicago, Il
On the JD's (270)watch out on the torque tube behind the cab ours has been welded twice. Plus you can't see the bucket edge very well. Don't know about the smaller ones. We are getting rid of ours this spring. Back to New Holland :)
For us the Cat's don't lift enough, plus the lift path is not straight, for an excavator or concrete crew it would be a great machine just not for landscaping.


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We have a 773 G series w/ cab enclosure, heater and a 7' Kwik Way v plow. It's a great machine, but after our business has grown a bit, I'd rather have an 883 model for the following reasons: 1) more horespower (72hp I think) 2) It's a heavier machine (773 is 5800 vs. the 883 is around 7200 which is better for stacking and pushing snow) and 3) I wish we would have purchased a 10' pro-tech pusher for it instead of the v plow, along with a 90" snow bucket for stacking. Don't get me wrong, the 773 is a great mid-sized machine, but when it comes down to productivity, the 883 is a more efficient machine and will allow you to grow into it too. . . and if you do purchase another brand of loader, I'd still recommend a like size machine.

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I bought a Cat 236 back in October - real happy with it so far. Price was competitive with comparable Bobcat machines and at the time Cat was offering 0% financing for 36 months on skid steers. Don't know if they're still offering that financing, but it could be worth checking out.

Alaska Dave


Anyone have any experiences with Thomas Skidsteers? My dad just bought one brand new at an auction. It is the 2200 series model, with an 87 horse Kubota engine. It also came with the 6 ft. dirt bucket. How much would you pay for something like this? What is dealer price in your area? Anyone know if they have a web site? I tried a search but couldn't find anything.

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Hey Storm

My weather is crazy - We hit 42F yesterday and we're at about 50% of our normal snowfall for this time of year. I'd be happy to trade you guys in the lower 48 some warm temperatures for a little bit of your snow!

cheers, Alaska Dave
We just bought a new Bobcat 773 and love it. It does have a vertical lift path which takes the bucket up and out from you allowing you to load into larger dumps. The visibility out of the rear isn't excellent but they lowered the lift arms to increase side visibility. It also has double tilt cylinders so it is very easy and open to get into. We love it so far, we've only had it about a month...

Just my .02