skidloader: snow plow or snow bucket?


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last year we purchased a bobcat 773 to load our spreaders. my question is what are your opinions on a power angle plow versus a snow bucket? the main account that we would use this machine at has alot of islands and inset parking areas against the building that are time consuming for a truck to do. the account requires that the snow be cleaned curb to curb on the entire lot. this machine would not be used for open lot plowing just getting the snow away from the curbs, etc.. for the trucks, so a pusher is out of the question. so what do you think would better suit or needs? thanks.

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The best would be a bucket and blade, not saying it has to be a snow bucket. I found that having both will allow the operator to stack snow higher if needed, or relocated it from corners.


Jerre Heyer

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Erie, PA

You already have the answer on that fine looking Ford. See your BLIZZARD rep and get an 810 for the skidder. If you want more of a box effect. Put a set of bolt on wings on the extending wings. Then when the blade is in the bucket blade position they face forward and give a full carry box. You don't need to use Pro-Wings you could make your own with a rubber edge. Gives the carry your looking for and you can use it all year for other work ( you must have other work to use a 773. ) Good luck Jerre
i would just use the bucket. i sub for somone who has a new holland Ls180 and there is a light material 72-84 inch bucket on it and it works magic. also if you wanted to you can have the trucks put snow in a convient place then all you do with the loader is keep on scooping it puttin the snow where you want it. i would either use the snowblade or the bucket they will both get the job done but if u have a bucket already dont spend the extra $..

good luck

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