skid steer vs truck whats more productive?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by 86f350, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Im looking to add another machine or truck for next season. I've ben plowing for 12 yrs and have plowed alot of snow with a skid steer with a bucket and a truck with a 8 ft plow.
    I have never used a pusher though. What to you guys think is more productive? A skid steer with a 8 ft pusher, a 8 ft blade or a truck with a 8 ft blade. Most of my accounts are smaller to medium commercial lots. i have multiple lots right next to each other so i could road the skid steer to these lots without much travel time.
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    There are a lot of unknowns in that question. How tight are the lots? Is skid steer 2-speed? Do you need to relocate snow on site? Truck is faster in most cases in open areas. Skid steer can make you money doing other things. Try to answer some of your own questions, then we can help more.
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    All depends on the lot... We do a lot that a skid with a 8' pusher out plows a truck almost 2 to 1 (we can push both ways, no backing up) we do a lot where a truck where a truck will out push a skid 2 to 1 (1000' long but only 60' wide, you can roll it it over at 15 miles and hour)
    If you do a condo complex with 100 short drives with garages at the end, you and back drag them all with down pressure's and a blade on a skid...

    it all depends on what you do.
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    if i've read your question right, you are asking if an 8ft pusher box it better than a probably 60" bucket? YES, by far. a box will move more like 3x the snow than a standard bucket.


    is a skid steer more productive than a truck with a blade? SOMETIMES, if your jobs are all together then with a good operator, YES. if they are spread out over some distance, and you have to lug around a trailer and load it up, move it, un-load it, fuel you can see alot of time not in use, plus a truck is still needed to move in that case NO

    hope that helps
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    A truck with a V plow or expandable wing plow is more productive.
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    A few variables that make a difference. Also with figuring productivity also consider repairs and other cost of ownership.

    By the sound of your scenario I would vote skid loader but would some more details.
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    i would probably and up with a case 1845 because of the availability and price. None of my lots are real tight quarters. skid steer wouldnt be a 2 speed. I know you can go alot quicker with a truck mph wise but i didnt know cause with a skid steer you could plow both directions. Also having a skid steer would give me a chance to haul out snow if customer would need it which isnt needed much for me just another way to make a few more bucks as you all know. any thoughts on a angle blade vs box. I could leave machine on site in a heated shop and travel to the other lots which would be within a 1/2 mile with out loading it up.
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    we use skidsteers for most of our snow removal, and in the end i find the skidsteer more productive. load up time, unload time, and the fact the machine is slow works against it, BUT, manuverbility, torque, and stacking ability. around here, for the first part of the season, the trucks go around zooming through parking lots and out performing skidsteers, BUT as snow turns to ice, and people run out of room to put snow in lots, then those same trucks are phoning skidsteers to push up piles, remove piles, etc. Also, a skidsteer is going to clean down to black top better, JMO and experience around here.

    Also, a 1845 case skidsteer is a great machine, possibly the best skidsteer ever!!!
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  10. buckwheat_la

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    someone may wish to disagree, but i can think of more then one 1845 running over 10 000 hours with no major problems, around here a 1845 from the 90's well fetch a better price then some 2000year + machines
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    Such as...
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    Alot depends on accounts, operator, machine, pusher/attachment/plow,etc.......I have found the SS's are better off not being trailered around, unless absolutely neccessary. Examples - It's your only peice of equip. , you are running out of room on jobs and need to tighten up your piles or relocate them, etc.

    Where the SS's w'pushers have worked well for me, is in tightly grouped areas of accounts, where the SS can just be driven down the road from one place to the next. Also on big accounts where the snow needs to be carried greater distances (mini storages,walmarts,lowes,etc). My 8ft & ecspecially my 10ft SS pusher will carry more snow than truck plows.....and that includes blizzards, wideouts, vplows w/wings, and so on. Each situation is different, and they (trucks & machinery) all have their place.....but as I have stated before, if I was to have only 1 rig, it would be a SS. They will outlast any truck, and in the worst of storms when trucks cant get er done, SS's will still be working.
  13. buckwheat_la

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    if you are talking prices, if you look up Auto trader, in alberta right now, there is a mid 90's 1845C, i believe it is listed for $16000 right now, and he well probably get it
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    We just bought a skid steer this past friday (I was tired of relying on "friends" to help us out). I havent had a pusher on it yet but I've been in it since Friday night stacking. If it were me, I would look into a skid steer, you can do so much more with one piece of equipment.
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    I find my skid to be more efficient at the gas stations that I push. Obviously I am not using the pusher to it's full capacity but given the maneuverability of the machine and the ability for the rubber edge of the push box to float over the fuel caps, I find it the best for the situation.

    The rest of my accounts are medium size commercials and a couple of HOA's with about half a mile of road in which all of the snow has to be moved to one pile.

    I find the skid and push box will go head to head with the truck as far as quantity of snow moved but if you have a truck doing windrows and the skid picking them up, times will be dramatically reduced.

    Like others have said, it all depends on the situation that the skid would be put in.
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    What about a truck with a pusher? :p
  17. cold_and_tired

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    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too efficient. I'm paid by the hour.payup
  18. SuperdutyShane

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    Oh man I didnt think of that!

    With that thought, sell all the trucks, buy all single speed skidsteers with small buckets :)
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    What I've found is that the 9' blade I was using did a great job as long as the snowfalls weren't much over 6". Most trucks just can't make a long push when the snow is super heavy. SS can typically take it in stride and go all the way without much drama, and stacking is much better of course. It's akin to the tortoise and the hare. The SS is a slow, very strong tortoise. Whereas the truck is the hare, but not nearly as capable when the loads increase.

    Trucks rule for rapid opening, no doubt. I found the ultimate solution was to run both in each crew.

  20. Westhardt Corp.

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    Walk behinds, at that.