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Skid Plate Gone

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by S-10 Plower, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. S-10 Plower

    S-10 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 104

    Hi guys/gals OK i recently had a plow installed on my truck and was taking it off today and released that I was missing the front skid plate that covers the oil filter, the skid plate that covers the oil pan was loose, and the skid plate that covers the transfer case was missing three of the five bolts. Dose any one know why or what could have made them come loose, dose the front skid plate normally come off when a plow is installed, and do I really need the skid plates or are they just for show?

    Thanks for all the info

  2. streetsurfin'

    streetsurfin' Senior Member
    Messages: 770

    I'd say keep them on but replace the fasteners. They keep the underside a lot cleaner along with damage protection. Maybe your frame is flexing enough to loosen them, due to the stresses of the plow. Or if they were ever off before, like during the plow install, they might not have been tightened enough. Have you had the truck from new? Do you know that they were secure before the plow install?
  3. S-10 Plower

    S-10 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 104

    No, I have not had the truck since new I bought it fresh off lease. And the frame only has about 60,000 miles on it truck has 118,000 on it frame was replaced 2 years ago in January due to an accident. yes the skid plates bolts were tight about a month before the plow went on. Any other ideas?

  4. S-10 Plower

    S-10 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 104

    any body have any more ideas?
  5. Bolts Indus.

    Bolts Indus. PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,176

    Sounds like something or somebody interrupted the person stealing your skid plates. Don't rule it out. They stole my valve cap covers off my car because they were chrome. Nothing safe these days.
  6. vector6

    vector6 Senior Member
    Messages: 150

    I had to remove the front skid plate from my S-10 too.:(
  7. ZR2plower

    ZR2plower Member
    Messages: 91

    The skid plate wouldn't fit back on my truck after the plow mounts were put back on. I made one out of a piece of heavy gauge sheetmetal.

    skid plateint.jpg
  8. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    I'm sure if the dealer who put your plow on had to take them off, he would have told you. Sounds to me like someone stole them.:( :gunsfiring: