Skid Operator Pay

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Dailylc, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Dailylc

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    I have a skid and found a temp operator. What would be a fair wage. I was thinking $20-$25 per hour. To high or to low? Give me some feedback!

  2. farmerkev

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    I have no clue, but Id LOVE to operate one and make money like that while having fun!
  3. Brant'sLawnCare

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    I think that you may be even low, depending on if you have a heated cab or not. I don't think many people would want to sit in a skid steere for 10 hours freezing their off for $20/hr. From what I've heard, $30-35/hr is probably more like it. I know around here, subs with with their own skids go for around $80/hr, give or take a little. On the other hand, if he really needs money, he probably won't say no to those wages. Hope this helps.
  4. TL697

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    Depends on experience and productivity...

    Almost everyone can drive a skid loader, but very few are actual "operators"

    $15-$20 range for someone who is adequate... they aren't very efficient and seem to be hard on equipment...

    $25-$35 range for an operator... they can get twice the work done and do not abuse the equipment... they usually check the fluids and make sure the machine is greased...

    good luck... I can count the number of people I trust to operate equipment on one hand...

    my $.02

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
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    $15-$20 should be more than enough. Everyone has to remember YOUR machine, YOUR fuel, YOUR insurance. Just need someone to run it, without wrecking it.
  6. Redneck

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    If it were myself I wouldnt hire someone with little to no experience to run my 80,000 machine so having said that top operators in the area are making between 28.50-35.00
  7. Plowfast9957

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    I agree with most of the other posts. A GOOD operator is worth at least 30. Remember just because they are experienced does not mean they are good.
  8. Jay brown

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    skid loaders cost $80k in canada?
  9. OP

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    Thank You all for your input. I have decided on $25 hr. He is happy with it also. He's a brick later by profession and work is a little slow now.

  10. NoFearDeere

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    My #1 employee is the one I will have running my skid-steer next year. He will get $20 pr. hr. and sit in a heated cab...:rolleyes:
  11. Bruce'sEx

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    You Nailed that one, I really love the "Operators" part.
    Mind you I don't think I would really hire then 15-20 range. Rather have the machine sit during a storm. and Just have it go out for relocates then put someone that can't run it. or will just break things. Which is currently what we are doing. The Trucks can handle it. but the Bobcat is there if we need it. We do have a friend that is slow in the machine but doesn't mind coming out last minute.

    And on a Side note. This day and age why would anyone get into a non enclosed machine, with no heat? I know I wouldn't. I wouldn't even consider buying a machine that doesn't have the enclosed cab and heat. Are there really alot of people running machines without still?
  12. Bruce'sEx

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    Maybe it's gold plated?
  13. Curbside

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    No Skid loaders don't cost 80 000. I just bought a Bobcat S330 fully loaded with a couple of buckets for around 50 000 and a Bobcat T320 fully loaded with a dozer blade and a couple of buckets for 60 000. Both are large machines the smaller ones like a S185 around 30 000.
  14. Redneck

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    I guess theres a bit of a mix up in terminology in Canada we have skidders that we use in the bush otherwise know as a Timberjack Im guessing your all talking about a Bobcat

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  15. riverwalkland

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    You put every option on a Cat 297C track skid steer, and it comes out to 83,700 and change
  16. TL697

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    Yeah, no joke...

    I was looking at a pretty loaded 287C, and it was $70,000...

    They are really nice, but that's too much for compact equipment...
  17. Midwest BuildIt Inc

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    Ouch, I wouldnt get into a skid steer for less than $30 around here....Chicago suburbs..
  18. v-plower

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    wow, around here good operators are a dime a dozen.
    maybe it is because there are a zillion landscape contractors?
    I pay my operator what equates to $44k/yr and he maintains the heck out of my machines. He takes better care of my machines than I do! He has operated loaders at a quarry for years and his top pay there was $20 per hour (in Connecticut) so no idea why someone would pay more than that??
  19. Mike S

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    I have a friend that bought a loaded 297 @$79,800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He paid $1000 more than my friend how bought a loaded brand new D3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that sad or what! It doesn't even work that much better then the 287. What even worse is he doesnt even like it, he likes his 267 better and uses it the most! I pay between $20 and $35 depending on the situation. Sometimes in my experince they dont always show up for 15-20.
  20. ahoron

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    $25/hour in an open cab. These guys are nuts. They brag about making "real good money" I wont do it for that. 80k for a skid steer wow I didn't know they were that much. congrats to anyone who is buying that you must be doin alright.