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Does any one have this type of snow blower a new model.Are there that are as good as this one but less money? Is there a web site for them?


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Simplicity Blower

I am not entirely sure what model you are speaking of? I did purchase two of the model 520M single stage ones and lok forward to using them in this upcoming season. I believe the site is Hope the info helps.

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i have a 2 stage simplicity 9 hp with the sno king motor. so far so good. havent had any problems with it. simplicity is a reputable brand. you couldnt get hurt buying one. i stand behind it.

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I have a 8hp 28 inch simplicity 2 stage I bought new in 93, used 100% commercially til I got my toro single stage a couple years back, since then it only comes out for the big ones. never ever left me hangin, nothing ever broke which I couldnt ride the rest of the storm out with just things replaced like belts shoes and such. the impeller pulley has a clutch sort of like on a snowmobile so when you get into heavy stuff it steps up the rpms of the fan to really throw the stuff.

I would buy another today if I needed one.

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