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Simple excel worksheet for estimating

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by rv4jesus, Oct 11, 2011.


What should I do with this worksheet?

Poll closed Oct 13, 2011.
  1. keep working on it

  2. forget it, buy a professional estimating package

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  3. use it and start making sales calls

  1. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    I just got started on this excel worksheet for simple estimating and wanted some feedback.

    Use it at your own risk. It isn't finished and still has a lot of bugs but I thought it might help someone get started. You need to set it up with your real costs.

    Thanks to all on plowsite for your help in so many ways, especially Neige and Grandview.
  2. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    new file, please discard previous attachment

    here is the file.

    Attached Files:

  3. Loni1113

    Loni1113 Senior Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 100

    it says the folder is empty
  4. alldayrj

    alldayrj PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,108

    seems like a good little sheet. I had to make tons like that in school but have yet to tackle a snow spreadsheet yet.
  5. NickT

    NickT Senior Member
    Messages: 707

  6. GreenerConcepts

    GreenerConcepts Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    I cannot open your spreadsheet. Can you re-post it?
  7. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    Version 1 of zipped excel quote generator

    Use at your own risk. Tab through to enter values in the unprotected cells. Unprotect the sheets to change your costs.

    Attached Files:

  8. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    Thanks for your feedback

    I find I am continuing to refine it and add more stuff to it as I go on. Please make sure you use the last one posted.

    What is great is that I can prepare an estimate in about a minute that includes per push, seasonal, and limited seasonal all at the same time. I can use any trigger but it is primarily setup for 1, 2 or 3" triggers and 2, 3, or 4" steps. Just enter the info in the unlocked cells on the per push sheet. Modify the costs and rates on the last three sheets or customize it however you want.

  9. GreenerConcepts

    GreenerConcepts Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    Thanks, but unfortunately I still can't open it. I'm not sure why. Why do you zip the file first? Can you just post it as an excel spreadsheet? Just curious.
  10. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    Sorry. This forum won't accept an excel download. Thanks for trying.
  11. Raymond S.

    Raymond S. Senior Member
    Messages: 513

    worked for me
  12. quigleysiding

    quigleysiding PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,129

    Can't open it.:realmad:
  13. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    Decent sheet.

    Don't want to change the focus of your thread here, but you charge for the markers you use to prevent damage to their property? Personally, a bundle of grade stakes is not an individually billed item, but it could just be built in as part of the price.
  14. EGLC

    EGLC PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,733

    We bill a $5.00-15.00 fee for stakes depending on size of driveway personally...
  15. wewille

    wewille Senior Member
    Messages: 311

    Id have to agree it is a pretty decent sheet. I compared these numbers to a few of mine and pretty close, even considering regional differences and I didnt change any of the variables yet. Good work, I think it can definitely help some folks out.
  16. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    Thanks for your feedback

    I'm continuing to use it and it works well for me. Remember to unprotect the sheets and change your costs and formulas to accurately reflect your situation.

    R.J.S. SNOWPLOW Senior Member
    Messages: 892

    I just made my own 6 page excel spreadsheet I only need to put info on 1 page and the software does everything for me except the proposal working on that next
  18. rv4jesus

    rv4jesus Member
    Messages: 79

    I'd like to see it

    Can you post it as a zipped file?
  19. sectlandscaping

    sectlandscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 315

    I liked this better then the first. After putting in my cost and changing the number of saltings I was able to replicate 2 seasonal bids. It was a hell of a lot easier this way.
  20. alldayrj

    alldayrj PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,108

    i'm running my numbers through for a bid I just did and they are scary close. only question is how do you unlock the sheet? there is some small stuff I want to play around with changing.