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We're thinking of joining SIMA in time to mention our membership when we begin quoting on snow plowing for next winter (august). Before joining though, I'd like to hear from any members (Dino are you the only one?) about what comes with membership and has it been worth it for you. The SIMA website is pretty basic and I find it unusual that it has a large &quot;members only&quot; area, I thought those porn sites were the only ones like that :). The benefits associated with the Professional Lawn Care Association of America and Landscape Ontario (here in Canada) are many, not the least of which is the implication of quality and reputablility that goes hand in hand with being a member. One nice adverising feature of being a member of PLCAA and LO is you can use their logos in your ads,literature, signage, etc... Does SIMA have a logo that it allows it's members to use? I had never heard of SIMA before Dino mentioned it. I'm surprised that he is the only member (as far as I can tell) that posts on this forum. I'd think it would be a useful tool for other SIMA members as well.<p>Just trying to get some input before shelling out $130US for something I know little about.<p>Thanx.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>


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The benifits are many. <br>Other members are here also. <br>John fron NY SNow Pros is a member<br>Vince is also a member<br>Alan from Vermont is also a member<br>And Chuck the moderator is also a member. If I missed any please forgive me. <br>The true value of SIMA cannot be understood until you attend their annual symposium.<br>But from an immediate standpoint, here is what you get.<br>Go to my website<br>and see their logo that you can and are encouraged to use. you get a binder with all kinds of info in it.From marketing materials to snoiw and ice manager back issues(1/4 news publication). Member discounts from manufacturers.And the manufacturers will listen to you. At the symposium I personally talked with factory engineers from western,fisher,boss, shindawia, ford,DTN weather,swede v,oshkosh,odin systems and others.You also have ins experts, pricing and cost experts,and over 300 other members that are more than willing to help you out with just a phone call.<br>They are also working on a training video for new drivers that should be out very soon.<br>And if for no other reason you may be able to help others out.<br>I am sure vince and other will chime in with what I missed.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
SIMA,<p>You bet. My company MTS out of Dover Joined last year and it helped us a lot. We manufacture products for the industry and had little hands on experience. Spending time LISTENING was what I found most benificial. the organization has areas for manufacturers like us to on the job guys like dino who share their wins and loses with the organization for its betterment.<p>At anytime you can get information about contracts and who sells salt or non freeze products in your general area. We have members out west and also in the south. they discuss their conditions which in most cases differ from the northeast. There are guys who sub contract over 100 subs there is a lot to learn form those guys.<p>I guess after all is said and done that your going to get a lot of information, mostly positive sometimes like people are some bull, but you have to get out of it what best applies to you. In my 61 years i have belonged to a lot of organizations but this is on top<p><p>vince

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SIMA<br>We have also been a member of SIMA since 9/13/1999. We are also members of our local landscape association (MDLA). <br>I have found that these asscoiations can be valuable if you participate activly. Go to the trade shows they put togeather, talk to other members, etc..<br>Participating will help you get the most out of your membership.<p>Andy<br><br>

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We are a SIMA member since 98 and joining this gruop has completely changed the way we do bussiness (but not my spelling).We started out as a lawn maintenance company that did some plowing.I always thought there must be away to make money in the snow bussiness and joining SIMA showed us the way.We are our a bussiness located in southern N.Y which is now strickly snow and we work all summer preparing for the upcoming season.SIMA is where we learned about chemicals for anti-icing and de-icing.We are now the largest dealer in N.Y. state for MAGIC-0 a chemical used by N.Y. N.J. PENN DOT VERMONT D.O.T.S We sold over 30,000 gallons a huge part of our bussiness and its all due to the knowledge we picked up through SIMA. In this group size does not matter small and large contractors alike find this group a nessasary tool in the competitive bussiness of plowing snow.My honest opion is if you want to stay in the snow plow bussiness and make money join PERIOD.<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200

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