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    For all you landscapers and snow lovers out there I would like to invite you to The Great Lakes Trade Expo ( which will be held in Grand Rapids, MI from January 7 through January 9, 2013. This trade and educational exposition put on by The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association is an opportunity for networking and personal professional growth. SIMA is a part of the educational track for the conference. I am excited that SIMA will present the following speakers and topics at the Expo;

    Snow and Ice Management Track
    Sponsored by SIMA

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013
    SIMA Build a Bid - Phil Harwood

    Experienced snow professionals have spent years developing strong processes to create sustainable bidding practices for their companies, but rarely do snow professionals get the chance to actually sit down and really break down how they bid the work. Phil Harwood will provide that chance as he walks attendees through the key components of bidding snow management work, including understanding your true costs, utilizing production rates, compiling and using historical weather data, and selling snow effectively.

    Rethinking Residential - Paul Vanderzon

    Learn from experienced snow contractor, Paul Vanderzon, what it takes to be efficient and successful plowing 3,400 residential homes - all within 4 square miles. Attendees will learn about geographic strategies, routing, logistics, name branding/advertising and the use of agricultural tractors in snow. Want to hear the inside scoop? Paul holds nothing back when sharing about his business.

    Wednesday, January 9, 2013
    Managing Sidewalks Effectively - Wayne Michalak

    Join Wayne, an experienced snow and ice contractor, as he discusses a key component of your snow & ice management portfolio; sidewalks. Keeping good sidewalk crews motivated and simply getting them to show up is half the battle. Creating safe, non-hazardous conditions for pedestrians on sidewalks also entails utilizing the right equipment and products at the right times. Join Wayne as he provides some tips on how to make this work easier and more profitable.

    The ULTIMATE Snow Account Manager - Aaron Johnson

    The Account Manager is one of the most critical positions in any service business but often takes a back seat to other functional areas, especially in snow businesses. In this session, Account Managers and managers will discover what it takes to be a successful Account Manager and leave with specific steps to improve Account Management.

    Safety and Efficiency Best Practices in Snow - Phill Sexton

    Phill Sexton, a snow industry veteran, will work with attendees to share and discuss some best practices and standards related to snow management operations. Using SIMA standards and real-life experiences, Phill will tie together the major challenges of managing snow effectively from an operational standpoint, including managing capacity, finding efficiencies, and creating a more robust culture of safety within your organization.

    What is in That Bagged Ice Melt You Are Putting on Your Customer's Property? - John Parker

    There are hundreds of bagged ice melters on the market today. Do you really know what's in them? Join John as he tackles a challenging and question generating topic in the industry today. What actually is in that bag you are using. So many products to pick from,so many claims from being safe for walks to being pet friendly,so many prices. John will show you how to search for the right product for you. With so many bagged products competing for your business,John can show you a common sense approach to making the right decision for you and your customers. This topic will dispel the myths and give you a better understanding of bagged ice melters.

    Consider joining us and hope to see you there! Register online at!

    Herm Witte

    Witte Lawn Maintenance, Inc.

    Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association

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    I would like to take this time to apologize to anyone who was planning on attending my session at the GLTE. Due to all the snow, and the many hours that I have worked over the last 12 days, I will not be attending. It was a very difficult decision, but one I needed to make.
    I would like to thank Herm, and Kristin for having asked me to participate, and am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    Yours truly,
    Paul Vanderzon