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Chuck Smith

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I too would like to welcome our esteemed SIMA President, John Allin to this forum. It will be a pleasure to have another SIMA member posting here. It leads me to the reason for this post.
Just how many SIMA members do we have posting here?
I know I am here, as well as Dino (plowking35), and Aspen Snow.
Who else is a SIMA member? And those of you that aren't SIMA members, what are you waiting for???

~Chuck Smith

Ed Altheide

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Snowman is a member. SIMA is currently having a member-get-a-member campaign promotion. It's a good profesional organization to belong to.


I am

I joined a few months ago, I wish I would have had time for the snow and ice synops show. I know one good reason I joined is that a bulk salt supplier contacted me and quoted me bulk delivered for near 50 per ton. I would not have found that contact on my own.

n y snow pros

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We are also a SIMA member and it was the best thing we ever did to increase our business.We go under the name of Taconic Maintenance Inc.
SIMA member

My company and I have been SIMA members for over 2 years now. We have found it to be not only worthy from a money standpoint but also from the type of folks that are members. Its as good as any major organization that anyone will find in the country people helping people.

I've said it before and I'll say it again SIMA is taking the snow and ice management business into a honest to goodness industry, and thats good.

vince think snow and urethane

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Somerset, NJ
Joined in August. Wanted to join when it started but didn't have $ at the time & kinda forgot about it until finding this site. Had to join after reading all the good press here. I'm sure the money will be paid back before the first snowfall. Thanks folks.


Stamford, CT
SIMA member

I just received my renewal invoice to SIMA, This organization is so good I dropped what I was doing when the mail came and wrote the check right away.

SIMA members are a great bunch of people who are working hard to improve the image and reputation of "the Plow Guy".

We do more than just plow snow. For the most part we are professionals who provide a service, Its time that those of us who do this work had the kind of stature that SIMA membership provides.

We should all put the logos on our trucks and paperwork. Show our customers that we are truly professional at what we do.


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We have been members for two years and still cannot say enough good about SIMA. We've met lots of good people and have learned so much. Keep up the good work

Brian, Exterior Solutions

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We joined this summer but I haven't even had time to read over the snow and ice manager magazines yet. Too busy with our cutting season. We are plugging our membership to potential clients though.


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I'm thinking of joining,this will be my first year offering this service,need all the help I can get!!We only avg.10" to 15" a year in central KY...Big diffance from up-state NY.Can SIMA be a benifit to me and my business in KY ?MANY THANKS JOHN

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
Ever hear of Hillenmeyer Nurseries ??

They joined SIMA. They wanted to be THE plowing contractor in their market - and thru SIMA they found an individual that came to their office and revamped their entire in-house tracking operation to make it manageable during the 2 snow events they have each season. They learned about the new products on the market and what could be done to increase their margins. They went from 52% margins for snow, to 88% margins in ONE season. SIMA's the reason. Call Steven Hillenmeyer - mention my name and SIMA and you'll get some very positive feedback (hopefully you're not in the exact same market as they are).

Those who think snow should be a profit center benefit from the interaction amongst peers. This forum is good, and you will get considerable information from those who patronize this site - however, as part of the association you will get address's and phone numbers of almost 500 people that are in the same business. Not very many of that total are on this site. Discounts on aftermarket parts can be significant - and SIMA is constantly looking for suppliers to give discounts to members. There is a long distance discount program for phone use, and SIMA is in the process of trying to set up insurance for plowing only - which may significantly reduce premiums (over the course of a full year).

Additionally, the Symposium each summer is a wonderful experience (ask those on this site that have attended what they think).

Other guys should step in here and give some feedback too.

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