SIMA hits 600

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John Allin, Nov 30, 2000.

  1. John Allin

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    Tammy called me (all excited).

    Membership hit 600 today.
  2. Doug406

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    Nice picture

    Saw your picture John, in the SIMA mag, actually I was reading it in the landscape magizine insert. Now I have a face to put with the insight you have.
  3. OP
    John Allin

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    No more glasses, so I'm a babe-magnet now !!!
  4. Lazer

    Lazer Senior Member
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    Yeah, John, you used to look like "one of the guys."

    Now you look like a cunning corporate executive.

    Thumbs up to SIMA. I had a minor glitch with an order that was handled so professionally, I'm excited to be a member!
  5. OP
    John Allin

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    Can't quite tell if that's a compliment or not. Not too many cunning corporate types in the snow business.... yet.
  6. jrblawncare

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    Boy,picked up a 100 more in just over a month,thats great!JA....I got an E-mail from Tammy she wanted to know who should get the credit for myself joining I told her you....and like you need to win another plow!!!Good Luck .....also have talked to a few down here about SIMA....Maybe the KY list will grow a little.....JOHN
  7. Aspen Snow

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    Congrets! SIMA

    Hope it helps all the new members like it helped us.

    Thank again to the Founding Members.
  8. Chuck Smith

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    from NJ
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    Hmmmm, should I post that John Allin "SIMA All Star" card I got for the gang to see? ;)

  9. BRL

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  10. Snow Pro

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    Congrats John!

    I know that the success of SIMA is very important to you.

    Do the babes, ah Does Peggy like you better with or without?
  11. OP
    John Allin

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    Keeping in mind that Peggy saw me without glass every time we were "up close and personal", she got used to it much faster than most.

    As for the rest of the babes..... I'm still a short little fat guy, just without glasses now, so the reaction is just about the same.
  12. cowboy

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    SIMA is definantly a great idea and a good organization, but when I'm trying to save up enough money for a truck/parts/snowplow etc, 130$ is a lot of money, especially for a college student, have to do it once I get going next winter. once I'm shure I can make rent payment :)

  13. OP
    John Allin

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    We're patient. We'll be here when you're ready.