SIMA - Denver Conference


Stamford, CT
I just got back in from Denver, and I must say that it definitely exceeded all my expectations. My hat is off to all those at SIMA who organized the event. You did a GREAT job. I also finally got to meet several of you who I have chatted with online, and I must say its good to put a face with a name.

And don't get me started on the DIA tour ( Denver International Airport) I already dropped off my film to be developed. Anyone who was there that took digital pics should post ASAP for our other members.

Jeff Curtis
Curtis Snow Removal
Stamford, CT..

Alan Addict
Jeff, I found one really neat thing about digital cameras. They can hold a whole big bunch of pics on one of them little memory cards. What that means is that when the Beeg Dummy (me) gets bored on the plane home and tries to erase some that weren't all that hot he can screw up beeg time and wipe them all out with the push of a button.


2000 Club Member
Yes I remember the cryotech girl from a few shows in the past. Now you know what they put in the their chemicals to melt ice.

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