<sigh> How much to charge??


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Hey guys
This year is really cranking for my 11
year old fledgling (hobby)/company.

Just when I thought I had enough
customers to feel comfortable
that I could give them excellent
service, I received a phone call
that would more then double my

I do mostly residential driveways
and have been charging them about
$18.00-$20.00 per push.
I go out about 8 times a year
@ approximately 4" snow.
I have gone more and I've
gone less, in fact just once a
couple years back.

Now too my question,
I just got a call to do 56 driveways
and the street. On another job I just
signed I do six drives and the street
and they dicked me down to $13.00
per drive but they are known to
try to get their price.
How much *would* people discount
for being able to do so many drives in a row?
My other 35 drives are spread out over
a 10-15 mile radius.

Anyway I need to know how many times
people multiply or figure for a monthly
charge? On another account I went three
times, i.e. I said $50.00 per push and
$40.00 for salt. Or $250.00 a month,
figuring on 3 pushes and 2 saltings
plus a twenty dollar tip for me. : )

Just for reference I'm on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio
and this is my first year to sign a real contract
that I got curtious of this forum. So thanks again guys.

All comments welcome even if they are to flame me
for rambling.

Live too plow Plow too live.

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