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How do you guys do sidewalks? Do you have a seperate crew thats all they do or does a driver do them after/before plowing?<p>----------<br>Rob S.<br>

GeoffD Veteran
Ok I have two shovel crews.<p> 4 Guys in an F 550 rack body the one of with camera. I have another 2 person crew.<p>Ok this is how it its broken down.<p>1 How Much needs to be shoveled? If it is under 5 mins the driver dose it.<p>2. The Type of Property<p>Residential with lots of shoveling, it is done by a residential truck that has a shoveler in it at all times. The driver also shovels on all residential accounts. ( All my drivers start as residential plowers ).<p>Commercial, depends on the size and location, if near other properties. Then the shovel crew will deal with it. If it kinda buy it self the driver dose it. Some comercial trucks have a shoveler for all or some of their route. I have one shoveler that rides with 3 drivers. <p>Ok Condos:<p>Are either shovel crew or handeled by guys that drive to that location. At some of my condos, i have a ride on snowblower stored on site, with a golfcart for the shovelers to get around. The guys drive there and their is a snowblower and shovels and a golfcart on site.<p>I use one of 3 Toro Groundsmasters with snowblowers to clear the walks. <p>Other condos are handeled by the shoveling crew. Mostly the smaller ones are done by the crews.<p>Trucks that do not carry shovelers:<p>F 650s, road and lot trucks.<br>F 550s, that sand and plow. I have found these trucks are too busy trying to sand and plow at the same time. Because these sand trucks, sand the condos, lots plowed by other trucks, and some driveways.<p><br>Hope this helps<p>Geoff

snow Veteran
Ok, i do not do any sidewalk snow removal, but here is some advice for you; if you do a lot of sidewalk, get something like a groundsmaster, or if you have an exmark lazer, you can get snow removal attachments for them. i was using a bobcat today, and if you do a lot of sidewalks this is the machine for you. get a snow bucket, pusher or blade for it. most guys in my area utilize small machines like bobcats and walkers. one contractor even took an old western blade and customized it to fit on his skidsteer. you can also put a snowblower on it for loading trucks, or getting rid of windrows. around here, a few guys run crews that have a truck w/ a plow, and plow a lot while a few guys shovel.<p>Bryan<p>----------<br><br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;

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