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Sick of Mowing, Sick of clean ups. 2nd year plowing what to expect????

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by FeelLikeANumber, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. FeelLikeANumber

    FeelLikeANumber Member
    Messages: 63

    Well it looks like fall is here which is good cause my sanity has just about ran out and its time to get back in the truck, spark up a few black n milds, crank up the Bob and Tom show, and Plow some snow. This will be my second year in the business, the first year was kind of a last minute rush. I.E. Bought the truck in late oct. therefore no time to really make personal contacts with people but i still managed to obtain more than a dozen residental contracts just by word of mouth. All were signed up for snow removal before mid november.

    I want to get involved with more residential and possibly some small commercial lots this year but im kinda stuck on good ways to go about doing so. Are contracts a must with commercial lots and therefore how should I word these contracts? Is it safe to just assume that we're gonna get 10 snowfalls this year? I dont know where to find the facts about how many avg. inches / 2 inch snow falls we get each winter. I have salt, shovels, and of course the plow. So I feel i could handle maybe some smaller lots by myself , maybe 20-30 parking spaces. Is now a time i should be passing out business cards, flyers, phone calls??? I plan on calling the regular customers this comming weekend just to make sure my services are needed, but what about some of these small commercial lots? Should I just stop in and hand out flyers?? Or speak to somebody??

    I know it was long, I'm kind of a rambler... Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Rcgm

    Rcgm Senior Member
    Messages: 613

    LOL The old Bob and Tom show place a ad in the local paper for snow removal. Flyers you won't get any calls probally until the first snow.I laughed about the Bob And Tom show because I did a landscape job for Bob about 3 years ago a real nice guy.

  3. jbone

    jbone Senior Member
    Messages: 154

    I cant really make an experienced suggestion but I sure feel your pain about mowing:dizzy: . I just want to plow