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    got a question here, need some answers!!!:dizzy:

    I have a roof that this elderly lady wants me to shovel off, has anyone shoveled one off, what should i charge, hourly/or by the job??

    The house is one story, not to bad to walk around on at all, with about 1foot of snow then a icey layer then about another 2feet of snow??
    Normally get about $10-14 an hour but what do you guys think??
    Let me know!! Thanks!!!
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    I think you'll find it's not worth it; but if you're going to do it, charge a set price up front. I bet by the time you get done doing it "by the hour", she'll balk at how long it took. For your part, be very aware of the risks for damage to the roof. Shingles become brittle and are easily damaged. Also, if you have liability insurance, you will need to have this added to your policy and the premiums are :eek::eek:.
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    I have done work for her before, she is really understanding.
    I have done roof shoveling before but just not with all of this snow!!

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    Have her check with her Insurance agent. Some cover roof shoveling. My neighbor had it done when we had 7 feet of snow they charged 800.00 for the job and the insurance company covered it.
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    with a huge deductible of course:rolleyes:
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    I charge $75/hr for roofs. Others around here charge $35/hr and up. Company I use to do a big roof and a high roof charge $65/hr. Clean up on the walks & drive are the worse once the snow comes off the roof. Do not over dress. Dress as if it was warm out because you will be sweating you arse off. Take two shovels up with you as one will end up on the ground. Take plenty of drink up with you. I prefer Gatorade myself.
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    Roof shoveling isn't usually to big a deal up here, but with all the snow this season, I've had quite a few calls. I generally charge $55/hour with 2 guys on most jobs (my helper is self employed w/ his own ins. so we don't pay any workers comp which keeps our costs down significantly). If a job is particularly hairy, I might charge more. I'd like to charge more, but really, this is what the market will bear in this region. I charge all of the jobs by the hour and make sure the customer knows the bill could/will be high. A small roof could easily take 3 or 4 hours with two guys, plus the cleanup. If they don't like the price, I tell them to find someone else. I am off the ground which is inherently dangerous PLUS I'm shoveling heavy snow which sucks. Remember, this isn't freshly fallen snow, its been sitting on a roof melting and refreezing and compacting under its own weight.

    As someone else mentioned, check with your ins. co. and make sure you are insured to do it. And, don't hire anyone to help you unless you have workers comp (or they are insured themselves such as in my case). Having said that, I highly recommend having a helper with you for safety reasons. Also, I realize you didn't ask about this, but be very mindful of safety issues. This roof is only one story so you probably aren't at too much risk, but consider what will happen if you slip and fall off the roof. Look into some safety gear to tie off with while you're up their.
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    Thanks All!! I did the job this past saturday and I did fall off the roof once but their was so much powder I just got right back up on the roof and started shoveling again!!
    The job it self went alot quicker than i thought it would have, only a hour and ten minutes.. Kind of left the payment up to her, and the night before on the news they had it on where people are going out and shoveling roofs off and are making 300-550$$$ which I thought was quite high. I tossed out their a 100 and she goes ok and then she wrote a check out for $150.00

    Woodland thanks for the advice!!!!
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    That is a good deal, She appreciates the work you do and she is rewarding you for it.tymusic
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    I just got done shovelling mine. I wouldn't do any other roof for less than $300.00. Including cleanup of walks after. It's just a PITA.