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Shoveling Parking Meter Pay Box Area's ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by jcos, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. jcos

    jcos Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    Has anyone ever bid on shoveling parking meter pay boxes area's in big cities? A friend of mine has been approached to bid this job. It is shoveling the area's around the pay boxes just a path so the boxes are accessible, the problem is that there are 4600ish of them. This is the first year for this program in this city and wondered what kind of systems anyone has used that are successful. Your thoughts

  2. rblake

    rblake Senior Member
    from dayton
    Messages: 293

    i use to clear sidewalks in the downtown area and had to get it to the curb. Light snow falls no problem, but heavy wet snows were a pain. The city would push there snow to the curb and you would have to dig there crap out. Good luck. go by the hour.
  3. M.McDaniel

    M.McDaniel Member
    Messages: 49

    Review your calming techniques and practice staying calm, you will need every ounce of patience you can muster. If they are located in front of shops every shop owner thinks they own that section of walkway. Some don't mind salt in front of there shop, some do. Some are willing to share the limited space to stack snow, some will fight you to the end of time. Some think you are the parking authority and want to do damage to you any way possible. If it snows a lot be ready to truck snow out of those limited space areas. The melting zones create horrific ice conditions around those things, so you may want to account for that in your salt quota. It's an alright gig if you have the shovel crews available, just remember the opening sentence of this post.
  4. Jello1

    Jello1 Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    Plus who's responsible for re-shoveling etc when the city plow goes by and covers the areas again?