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Shovelers Needed Novi, MI $15/hour -- Many Hours

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Lynch & Sons Landscaping LLC, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. We need shovelers in Novi. We are looking for 2 people that would respond pretty much anytime the city salters are out. Estimated 150 Man Hours. payup We also need 4 additional people that would be used in snow over 1". Estimated 90 Man Hours. payup $15/Hour. If you know anyone interested please let us know either on here or call 810-746-0245.

    If it rings for a bit, stay on the line, it forwards to my cell phone if no one is available.
  2. businessjeff

    businessjeff Banned
    Messages: 17

    Im looking for sub work in oakland county. Do you need any trucks?
  3. Trucks

    I appreciate the response, but I just sat down with someone yesterday that is going to supply a truck and 2 shovelers. We are supposed to sign a contract in the next few days. If for some reason that falls through I will let you know.