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Hey guys,
I've got a 2000 Silverado 1500 2wd Short bed, and i love the truck..except for one thing...the crappy factory shocks that came on it. When you hit a bump, the front end tends to float a bit too much..even after you have gone over and past the bump. You can stand on one side of the bed of the truck and rock it like a baby cradle..then stop rocking it, and it will continue to go back and forth for a couple of seconds on its own. The shocks were kinda soft when i bought the truck, but it seems like they are wearing out to me. I'd take it to the dealer, and if by any chance they'd replace them under warranty..i'd just get another set of cheap shocks. So, what i'd like to do, is buy a nice quality set (4) that will last a long time and firm my ride up. I won't be doing heavy hauling..just light duty hauling. I want a firmer ride, like i said just above, better cornering with less roll...i guess just a better overall truck-like feel is what i'm after. What brands of shocks and model names would you suggest for what i'm looking for? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Tim - I sure hope this doesn't turn into a brand war ;) - but on mine I've had good luck with Monroe's Gas-Magnum shocks.

BTW, are the shocks on your truck leaking or do they just feel "soft"? I'd guess they are probably not a bad shock, it's just that the majority of people who buy trucks (especially 1/2 tons) these days want a "car like" ride. The market dictates what the manufacturers build.

I didn't notice any change in ride quality on my truck, but it's a 1-ton with the rear spring packs beefed up. Definitely don't get a "car like" ride out of this thing!

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"75-Hi Tim - I sure hope this doesn't turn into a brand war"

I hope it doesn't either 75..LOL
I've been under the truck and have looked at them for leaks (i suspected the same thing), and found nothing. You are right about people wanting their trucks to ride like a car these days..but i'm one of the ones that feels just the opposite. It just seems to me that since i bought the truck new, the truck seems to bounce more over bumps in the road. My dad just bought a new 2001 Silverado at the end of the month..his is an ext. cab 2wd with the 5300 V8. His truck has the optional heavy duty shocks and the trailering package. It rides a lot more firmly and doesn't float and bounce over the bumps.
I'll check out the Monroe' had good luck with them on his old S-10 he had. Maybe i'll go with gas in the back, and an oil filled Monroe in the front..or gas in the front, too. What do you think?

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I have Rancho RS 9000's on my truck. I got them when Summit racing had a deal, buy 3, get one free, so they weren't too bad. These have 5 different levels of adjustment you can set them to. From 1 to 5 you can set them softer than stock, all the way to REALLY stiff. This is nice, as you can crank them up when you need to haul a heavy load, or are going to do some off roading. Also it's nice to be able to soften them up a little big on the highway. I guess the nicest part is you know that you can find a setting you like, and won't have to go buy another pair, or be unhappy with the ones you got. Also, if you want to shell out a little more cash, you can get an in cab controller so you can turn them up or down on the fly.

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I would keep things the same all the way around (I'd suggest the gas Monroes) BUT:

The Ranchos that MTCK suggests sound like they might be a better idea for you're application.

I'm used to a "truck like" ride - at work I drive a '79 C-30 welding truck. Not everyone is though - I remember a while ago, I wanted to have both my '75 and my car (one of the European built Capris that Ford brought over in the '70's and sold through the Lincoln/Mercury dealerships) in the local cruise night. So a friend of mine offered to drive the truck up there for me. I followed, and one of the streets in town is pretty rough. He's got an F-150, and wasn't expecting the "shake/rattle/& roll" my old "tank" gave him!

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