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Set up a de-icing rig in the plow truck today...

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JasonJ, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member
    Messages: 34

    We have started to get calls for de-icing, so I set up a de-icing rig today. We had a spare pesticide spray rig already set up. It is a frame that has a 100 gallon tank, Honda 5.5 pump motor, and electric hose reel with 200 ft of hose. I just strapped it in the bed of the F350. We don't have huge parking lots to do, so it is a breeze to just park, fire it up, and run hose. I can get fairly large areas pretty quick, and the good thing is I can do it in the middle of the day, can get under parked cars and all that. I run the pump at idle and have the pressure cranked down so I am not putting more than I need to. We have 500 gallons of the stuff from last year, so we need to use it up.

    And yes, the tank had been cleaned prior to storing...:D