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Service charges/Trip

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How many of you guys have a flat fee rate for service charges. I'm talking about if you're all done with your accounts and a customer calls asking for additional services, and you're out of the area ,etc. trucks are all parked, washed. Usually, i do these myself and leave the guys at home. Just add a trip charge X Service charge ???
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If we are out and have time to add it. They pay for an hour. That's for a non customer.

If it's the scenario you describe, then it would vary.
In a couple of my contracts a service call is $50, plus time on site.
I try to see if it can wait till the next day's site checks.
If not, then yes,mileage, fuel surcharge, mobilization fee and time on site.

Here's my situation, I'm 15 minutes drive time from my shop. It's cold out,truck has to run a bit to warm up. This may or may not be the equipment I need to do the work,. So I drive to the shop to switch trucks,or put on the plow,or start up a tractor. To then go do the work, and then reverse the process when done.
I've got 2 hours invested minimum.
So yeah, charge accordingly.

If it's a non customer, No,sorry. I can come tomorrow when I go back to work for the day.
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