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Service area


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A lot of people have asked about number of accounts. How about service area, how far do you go from your shop? My self, i have a 15 mile circle, although i have very few accounts that far away. If there not in the the 15 mile radius, i don't take um.



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My personal route is a 1-2 mile radius.

Total routes for all 11 trucks = 6 mile radius.

Only the county gets paid to put a plow truck down the road.

Chuck Smith

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My personal route is a 1 mile radius. My brother goes farther, maybe a 10 mile radius. Even at that, most of his are within a 3 miles radius. There's just a few that are too profitable further away to pass up.

If we get any of the First Union contracts John Allin was talking about, we'll go as far as a 10 - 15 mile radius. Just for them though, not for any residentials or other commercials. I learned a long time ago not to spread out accounts too far.



Stamford, CT
I keep my service area limited. The majority of my accounts are in Stamford. I will do some in Greenwich and Darien but not too deep into those two communities. Just too much travel on small back roads for my personal liking.

Now if I am successful in bidding on some of those First Union accounts in my area, I will adjust my service area. BUT ONLY FOR THE FIRST UNION ACCOUNTS.