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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by oldmankent, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I dropped all my customers this winter due to having a kid (schedule), truck and plow getting unreliable. Everybody was dealt with except this one lady. I just put off calling her and so I went to the house and shoveled and cleaned the berm in front of her driveway. Still for some reason I put off calling her. I've been doing it all winter and just today found out she passed away some time last year. No one is living at the house.:laughing: Can't help but laugh at that one. So many reasons I shouldn't be in this predicament. Anyway, now that she is off my list all I've got to deal with is my folks who are the most high maintenance customer I've had.
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    ya but your a REAL MAN for takin care of the old ladys drive before you knew she had passed away.

    lots of people would have just said ah screw that crap and left her to the curb.

    :salute: to you sir :salute:
  3. Make that 2 people who think your a real man for doing that! Good on you man! Karma will pay off eventually!:drinkup:
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    I've done some stuff similar. I'd rather do it and have it end up like this....instead of skipping them only to find out there was some sort of problem. *falling,getting stuck, ect.
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    brownie points =)
    pay off in the future
  6. OP

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    I certainly hope so. Should have kept all the accounts and risked a major breakdown with all the snow we have gotten this winter.
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    I lost my favorite customer the same way this year. She was a cool old lady. I am still taking care of the property till the house is sold. Her kid sends me checks from Florida.
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    doing good things can never hurt, i too think that it was nice of you to take care of her. just goes to show that you really cared about your clients and you work!