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I have been off roading for 34 years, all over this country from ME to CA. Watched people use HiLifts.

I wont own a HILift!

Ive seen them go through Jeep doors and radiators when the Jeep/HiLift slips Ive seen them send the operator to the ER!
And you want to use it on ice/snow or where the truck is on ice/snow.
You Better have REAL good Health Insurance. And who's going to cover for you when your in the ER?
High lift jacks are only as safe as the person using them who typically has no idea how to safely use them and when it's not safe to use them.


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SE Michigan
One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is a wheel winch and using the wheel itself to wind up a strap.
they make a device called a bush winch that does this, I’m not sure I’d do it, unless I was really desperate on getting unstuck.


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Yohkay here's what I do. I guess having older iron kinda helps here. I make my own plow mount to truck set up, it can be unbolted n the bumper put back on for the summer without having the plow mount.
By making plates that match my frame and can be bolted to the frame. Weld on some 6" channel and attach the plow frame to it, bolt or weld.
By doing it this way it extends the plow forward 8"-12". Allowing me to stack snow considerably higher and the frame to have several more inches of clearance. And my wheels do not drop over into the ditch.
It will add more weight forward so good front springs and being a bit more alert to bumps in the road. I would put heavily bungies on if going far or between snow.
I also have a 12v winch from HF that slips over the ball hitch. And instead of going to the batteys for power I used the auxiliary n ground on the 7 wire trailer light auxiliary. Just plug or on a flat 4 wire use the ground n taillight for a hot. Bring extra tail light fuses. But if it blows you still have brake n blinkers working. Just wire a plug on that matches the truck to to winch.
If I was in the city I would use cable chains. Just put them on before you get stuck n don't get lazy or you get to extra exercises to make up.
And I've had homeowners have to pull me out. Even with little bitty cars.
And again you can remove the whole thing for the summer

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