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Seeking on-call labor for snow removal/ice treatments in Northern VA | 15 slots avail

Discussion in 'Employment' started by hiringus, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. hiringus

    hiringus Junior Member
    from NoVA
    Messages: 9

    Need laborers for walkways and sidewalks on a decent sized government property in Arlington. Please be prepared for the conditions of shoveling or running a snow blower or putting down salt, etc. Outdoors. Yes in the cold. Ok you probably get the point :)

    Offering 20-25/per hour depending on task and experience. If you have an existing crew from landscaping or what not great, I can pay you one rate and you handle your own guys.

    The only catch is everyone must be legal, have pic id and be submitted prior to a snow event to the property security to have your names cleared.

    ****** If anyone shows up with someone not on the list or any discrepancies on the day you are called in, you will be asked to leave. We have no positions available for anyone without background pre-authorization and legal status.

    Any questions I will gladly reply to all incoming messages or if you contact with a phone # I will call to discuss at my earliest convenience